2006 Paris–Roubaix

The cycling race Paris -Roubaix in 2006 was the 104th edition of the Paris-Roubaix cycling classic. It was won by Swiss Fabian Cancellara from the Danish Team CSC, who could enter on the last 20 km as a soloist in the velodrome of Roubaix after a solo flight. Cancellara after Heiri Suter (1923 ) only the second Swiss, who won this race.

  • 2.1 Controversial decision on the railway barrier without influence on Cancellara's victory
  • 2.2 The classified
  • 2.3 A presentation ceremony without second and third place

Race course

Forest of Arenberg

Even before the riders because of past momentous falls ( for example, Johan Museeuw 1998) dreaded forest of Arenberg, a more than 15 - man lead group had formed. The infamous cobbled passage - 2005 not restored in the program, but to host 2006 with great effort and partly widened - not this time brought the race decision. Many teams were not already represented at this time in front of the field, so Gerolsteiner and Milram.

Blessing in disguise for George Hincapie

On one of the following cobbled passages came George Hincapie ( Discovery Channel ) in dramatic fashion to case: After he was overthrown in the first half of the race, the shaft of his fork was obviously damaged. Before he could replace the wheel, broke the steerer. Hincapie was initially able to continue freehand - the entire torn with the stem handlebar swung it dangerously clear of the front wheel - and tried to reduce controls on the slightly uphill section of the course, the speed, as eventually capsized the front wheel and Hincapie plunged headlong into the adjacent field, where he dislocated his shoulder.

The incident - a cancel of the handlebar has been very rare in the history of international cycling races - once again raises questions. So the race is still controversial because of its over 50 km of anachronistic cobblestone streets and places high demands on the technical supporter of the team; many drivers had opted specifically for this race for the best frame material and steel against modern materials.

Attacks of Flecha, Discovery Channel and CSC

After numerous attacks by the team of Discovery Channel, CSC and Juan Antonio Flecha occurring for the Rabobank as a soloist the leading group fell apart more and more. Two groups were formed: While in the front, party of 8 with Ballan ( Lampre- Fondital ), Boonen ( Quick Step), the eventual winner Cancellara, Flecha, Guesdon, Leif Hoste by the Discovery Channel and Peter Van Petegem ( Davitamon - Lotto) major favorites were represented, such as the driver's weakened by a viral infection Swiss were Steffen Wesemann (T- Mobile Team ) has already fallen behind.

Cancellara is the decisive attack

The decisive attack then continued Fabian Cancellara about 25 km from the finish. Only the Russian Gusev could follow while Flecha and Boonen tried in vain to restore the connection. After the Russian Discovery driver a few minutes after the attack, the Swiss also could not follow, formed with him, Hoste and Van Petegem a group of three, followed in turn by the rest of the original peak with world champion Boonen and some drivers who re- could catch up.

The final phase

Controversial decision on the railway barrier without influence on Cancellara's victory

As the trio to Van Petegem tried to catch up with Cancellara, a closed railroad crossing gate crossed the trio shortly before the finish. Since they apparently disregarded the instructions of the commissioners, they were disqualified as a result. Neither the disqualification of the group of three to Van Petegem, nor the extra time behind the group to Boonen, who stopped at the railroad crossing, had an impact on the victory Cancellara.

At the end Cancellara, which has been certified by all competitors was to have been on this day the strongest, with over a minute ahead drive into the stadium of Roubaix. The last few miles he could play out his time trial skills, expand their lead and defend.

The classified

In the velodrome of Roubaix, the Belgian Tom Boonen was almost two minutes behind before Alessandro Ballan and Juan Antonio Flecha ersprinten the fifth place, earning him the second rank after the disqualification of the trio to Van Petegem. Steffen Wesemann ago, which was advancing through the disqualification of rank 9 to 6, still the Austrian Bernhard Eisel was able to place fifth.

A ceremony without second and third place

The disqualification for contempt of the railway barrier has had an impact on the ceremony: Alessandro Ballan and Tom Boonen, who disagreed with the disqualification of his three competitors and therefore felt in his own words as "Fifth, and not as a Second " of the race, remained the awards ceremony away, which was only completed with Cancellara.