2009 Summer Deaflympics

The XXI. Summer Deaflympics from 5 to 15 September 2009 was the 21st staging of the Deaflympics. It was conducted in the Republic of China in Taipei, Taiwan.

  • 4.1 Individual Sports
  • 4.2 team sports

Application Process

For the hosting of the 21st Summer Deaflympics Taipei to Athens and competed. The Deaf Sports Association of the Republic of China, Chinese Taipei Sports Association for the Deaf candidate on the occasion of the Summer Deaflympics in 2001 in Rome. The hosting of the 2004 Olympic Games and the Paralympic Summer Games in 2004, Athens was a candidate also.

On 24 November 2002 the President of the International Committee of Sports for the Deaf ( ICSD ), John Lovett, Taipei visited and inspected the question -down in places. For this purpose the Deaf Sports Association Taiwan arranged a meeting with the President of the Republic of China, Chen Shui -bian and the Chairman of the National Olympic Committee, Huang Ta -chou.

The decision on the venue fell on the occasion of the 38th ICSD Congress, which in Sundsvall, Sweden, took place on 28 February 2003. Taipei sat down with 52 votes against 32 for Athens by.


The preparations for the games began in 2005. For the preparation and implementation of 4.6 billion Taiwan dollars have been budgeted (about 125 million euros ). The largest item on the expenditure side was the demolition and construction of the Taipei Stadium. The Deaflympics were financed by the city of Taipei and the Taiwanese Ministry of Sports (体育 委员会). The Taipei Stadium was completed on 15 June 2009, and received the certificate class 1 of the IAAF. In the stadium next to the opening and closing ceremonies and the track and football competitions were held.

As Ambassador Jackie Chan has been selected, the campaigned in sign language for the Deaflympics. This however had to end his involvement after he allegedly criticized the Taiwanese politics.


From 8000 candidates 3000 volunteers were selected for the Games. In addition to those who took common tasks, volunteers were selected which either foreign controlled or brought sign language skills. The volunteers completed a 120 - hour training. In this training were not only general or knowledge which concerned their work area, taught, it was also given a sign language lessons.

Deaflympics Arts Month

In the month prior to the implementation, in August 2009, the Taipei Deaflympics Arts Month was launched. During this month were artists or teams of such in Taipei Stadium, so among other A- mei, Blue Man Group, Dynamic Yunnan or Minghuayuan. Besides exhibitions were carried out to give the public an insight into the Deaf culture.


The logo is based on the Chinese character for North (北Chinese, Pinyin at, W.-G. pei3 ) and points to the venue Taipei (台北Chinese, Pinyin Taibei, W.-G. t'ai2 - pei3 ). In addition, an ear is represented as a symbol for the Deaflympics. The figure is intended to represent the athletes. As colors are those of the national flag of the Republic of China. The presentation is calligraphic and to illustrate dynamics. The purpose of the icon of a running man. The logo is meant to represent the courage and dedication of the participants as well as the vitality of Taiwan as a whole.

The Motto of the Deaflympics was "Power in me! " On Chinese "无声 的 ​​力量", which literally means " the power of silence " means.

As mascots were a male and a female Rhacophorus taipeianus, an endemic frog species in Taiwan selected. These have spread their arms to welcome pose. The pose is like the logo the Chinese character北illustrate for North. The mascots have a Banyanblatt and an azalea flower is linked to her head, which are typical of the Taiwan flora. For the naming of the mascot, a competition was organized, were chosen "Peace" for male and "Love " for the female mascot.

The official song of the Deaflympics was "Dreams You Can Hear " (Chinese听得 见 的 梦想) of A -mei.


Judo, Karate and Taekwondo were accepted as new disciplines for the first time in the official program. The Deaflympics were held in 20 disciplines.

Individual Sports

  • Badminton
  • Beach volleyball
  • Bowling
  • Judo
  • Karate
  • Athletics
  • Orienteering
  • Cycling
  • Rings ( Freestyle )
  • Rings ( Greco-Roman )
  • Swimming
  • Taekwondo
  • Table tennis
  • Tennis

Team sports

  • Basketball
  • Football
  • Handball
  • Volleyball
  • Water polo


The games were held at 22 locations, most are located within Taipei and New Taipei.

Some disciplines have been conducted outside the city in the counties Taoyuan Hsinchu and. Swimming and water polo took place in the swimming place to the Hsinchu County, shooting in Gongxi shooting range in Taoyuan County. The rainfall was in tennis at the National Taiwan University for Sport, also evaded in Taoyuan.

  • Eröffnungs-/Schlussfeier: Taipei Stadium
  • Athletics: Taipei Stadium, Zhongzheng Senior College ( default venue ), Yangming Senior College ( default venue ) Marathon: Northern Coast Highway

Participating National Associations

77 national federations took part:

  • Argentina Argentina ( 46)
  • Armenia Armenia ( 4)
  • Australia (29 )
  • Azerbaijan Azerbaijan ( 3)
  • Belgium Belgium ( 7)
  • Bolivia Bolivia ( 2)
  • Brazil Brazil (13 )
  • Bulgaria Bulgaria ( 15)
  • Chile Chile (1 )
  • People's Republic of China People's Republic of China ( 78)
  • Denmark Denmark ( 54)
  • Germany Germany (157 )
  • Colombia Colombia (17 )
  • Croatia Croatia (27 )
  • Cuba Cuba ( 2)
  • Estonia Estonia ( 17)
  • Fiji Fiji ( 7)
  • Finland Finland ( 18)
  • France (48 )
  • Greece Greece ( 49)
  • Hong Kong Hong Kong (41 )
  • India India ( 24)
  • Indonesia Indonesia ( 7)
  • Iran Iran ( 52)
  • Ireland Ireland ( 41)
  • Israel Israel ( 20)
  • Italy Italy ( 63)
  • Japan Japan (154 )
  • Yemen Yemen ( 5)
  • Canada Canada ( 19)
  • Kazakhstan (35 )
  • Kenya (14 )
  • Kyrgyzstan Kyrgyzstan ( 7)
  • Latvia Latvia ( 5)
  • Lithuania Lithuania (43 )
  • Macau Macau ( 2)
  • Malaysia Malaysia ( 4)
  • Malta Malta ( 3)
  • Macedonia Macedonia ( 3)
  • Mexico Mexico ( 3)
  • Mongolia Mongolia ( 15)
  • New Zealand New Zealand ( 5)
  • Netherlands Netherlands (13 )
  • Nigeria Nigeria ( 11)
  • Norway Norway ( 7)
  • Austria Austria (18 )
  • Pakistan Pakistan ( 5)
  • Peru ( 1)
  • Philippines Philippines (6 )
  • Poland Poland ( 43)
  • Portugal Portugal ( 15)
  • Puerto Rico Puerto Rico ( 2)
  • Russia Russia ( 220)
  • Saudi Arabia Saudi Arabia ( 11)
  • Sweden Sweden (31 )
  • Switzerland Switzerland (17 )
  • Serbia Serbia (13 )
  • Seychelles Seychelles ( 2)
  • Singapore ( 8)
  • Slovakia Slovakia (6 )
  • Slovenia Slovenia ( 13)
  • Spain (34 )
  • South Africa South Africa ( 38)
  • Flag of South Korea South Korea (65 )
  • Taipei Chinese Taipei (136 )
  • Thailand Thailand ( 32)
  • Czech Republic Czech Republic (15 )
  • Turkey Turkey ( 81)
  • Ukraine Ukraine ( 147)
  • Hungary Hungary ( 21)
  • Uzbekistan Uzbekistan (14 )
  • Venezuela Venezuela ( 40)
  • United Arab Emirates United Arab Emirates ( 9)
  • United States United States (141 )
  • United Kingdom United Kingdom (77 )
  • Belarus Belarus ( 37)
  • Cyprus Cyprus ( 5)

Opening Ceremony

With the implementation of the artistic celebration of Taiwanese playwright and theater director Stan Lai was commissioned.

The team of the People's Republic of China did not attend the opening ceremony, to have submitted without an official explanation. Media rashly presumed a relationship with a recently taken place visit of the Dalai Lama in Taiwan or due to the presence of the President of the Republic of China, Ma Ying- jeou at the opening ceremony. The deputy team leader of the Chinese team explained it later with problems with airline tickets, which is why they no longer managed in time for the celebration. A similar case there were in the same year at the World Games 2009 in Kaohsiung. Still took 63 hearing impaired dancers participated in a performance during the celebration.

Closing Ceremony

The dominant element of the closing ceremony was a big brushed banquet. The parades, fireworks or artistic performances should play a minor role. After playing the final song, Aaron Kwok said: "The Deaflympics touched our hearts, Taipei touched the world. "

The players from mainland China announced that the closing ceremony to attend, took over ten part.

At the end of the flag was passed to Athens. Athens was chosen as the venue for the Deaflympics in 2013, but had to withdraw for financial reasons in the meantime: the public sector was no longer willing to co-finance the implementation. The President of the ICSD, Donalda Ammons, concluded with the sign "It was the best games of all time".

Medal Tally


Blue areas represent qualifying competitions, yellow faces final decisions, the number indicates the number of final decisions in this sport on this day.