A Little Bit of Heaven (2011 film)

No remedy for love (Original Title: A Little Bit of Heaven ) is an American film drama by director Nicole Kassell from 2011 with Kate Hudson and Gael García Bernal in the lead roles.


The pretty and lively Marley lives and works in New Orleans. She enjoys her life, long-term relationships with men she is so far gone out of the way. She works in an advertising agency and was recently promoted.

Since Marley feels increasingly uncomfortable lately, it can be, even on the advice of their friends, study with a doctor. There she begins to flirt with her ​​doctor Julian. During anesthesia it appears Whoopi Goldberg as God in a dream. After several studies, they finally get the diagnosis that she has been diagnosed with colon cancer in the final stage. At a dinner with her ​​friends she tells them their diagnosis. Below Marley does not appear to take their disease seriously. However, beginning with the chemotherapy.

One night she meets her doctor Julian randomly in a jazz bar and can persuade him to go for a drink with her. At first, he refuses because he does not want to go out with a patient finally agrees, however, a.

In the advertising agency Marley has her actual disease previously considered and determined to be suffering from a viral infection secret. After the chemotherapy has not brought the hoped-for success, she says her supervisor of her cancer. After this her reported then, that in such a case, a high payment from the life insurance company can be expected, she goes shopping with her friends.

After a further treatment in the hospital, Julian asks her to accompany him on a fundraising gala. On the fundraising gala Julian learns of the treated senior physician that Marley has severed therapy. At a joint walk with Julian Marley speaks about their fears, then the two kiss and spend the night together. Marley finally tells him that she has stopped the therapy because they want to enjoy the rest of their lives. Marley and Julian are a couple and spend a lot of time together.

Over time, Marley is always dissatisfied with their situation and increasingly resistant against Julian. As Marley continues bike drunk, she narrowly escapes a serious accident and falls only on the sign of a church. In the dream, her Whoopi Goldberg appears again in heaven. Marley told Whoopi that she is afraid of dying and now they can not do all the things they want to do in life - to buy a house, be a mother and find a man who loves them. Then Whoopi thinks that she has at least a man who loves her, already found.

Marley goes to Julian to confess her love to him. The two are reconciled again. When it comes Marley increasingly worse, they come to visit all her friends at her bedside. She begins to plan their own funeral. By the time Marley begins to understand that the situation not only for them is very difficult, but also for their friends. They examined their friends on each and apologizes for her earlier behavior.

One day Marley is brought unconscious to the hospital and then in the park. Julian manages just in time to the hospital again to confess his love to her. She eventually dies in his arms at the hospital. The friends of Marley finally celebrate a joyous farewell party for Marley, exactly as she had wished.


" Schmonzette that pushes through the combination of love and premature death in the lacrimal gland, although the film is a refreshingly strong, not at all unlarmoyanten heroine comes up. "

" Physical infirmity? Non-existent. Dealing with illness and death? Just as long as it feels good and serves to entertain the public. "

" To keep the audience smiling, Kassell played down the symptoms of the disease: Marley's weight loss is claimed, however, is not to be seen, and despite chemotherapy she knows no fatigue. "

"Because of the unbelievable actor who overly cheesy and exaggerated dialogue and outrageous action and few women will enjoy playing with " " have. " No cure for love

" Sets you ready handkerchiefs. The film focuses on the great emotion that keeps the movie ready and can push arg to the lacrimal gland in one or the other spectators. So, watch and mitweinen -. Because it's so beautiful "


At the box office, the film grossed worldwide a mere 1.3 million U.S. dollars. In Germany the film was not running in the cinema, but was released straight to DVD.