Achel Brewery

Achel is a Belgian Trappist beer, the Our ​​Lady of La Trappe of St. Benedict in Achel ( province of Limburg) is brewed in the monastery.


The first mention of Achel 1648, when Dutch monks built a chapel in Achel. 1686 the chapel was extended to a monastery, but this was destroyed in the years of the French Revolution.

Only in 1844 the monastery of monks from Westmalle was rebuilt, and agriculture was resumed.

On July 12th, 1850 King Leopold I granted the monastery permission to brew beer for personal use. Two years later was the first beer, Patersvaatje brewed.

1871 was the monastery into the hands of the Trappist monks brew beer and became a regular activity.

1914 had to flee during the First World War, the inhabitants of the monastery before the German occupation. The occupiers destroyed the brewery in 1917 to capture around 700 kg of copper.

In 1998 it was decided to build the brewery again. This was done with the help of fellow believers from Westmalle and Rochefort.


The brewery currently provides two draft beers ago (light 5% Dark 5%), and, since 2001, three bottled beers ( triple 8%, 8% Dark, Dark Extra 9.5%). The filling is carried out in the brewery Van Steenberge BIOS, in Ertvelde.

The annual output is about 4,500 hl, thus Achel is the smallest of the active Trappist breweries. The sale proceeds will be donated to the monastery and charitable institutions.

In addition to five other Trappist Achel only allowed in Belgium wear the proprietary label Authentic Trappist Product: Westvleteren, Chimay, Orval, Rochefort and Westmalle; and La Trappe in the Netherlands and since 2012 Engelszell in Austria.