AFC Arieșul Turda

FC ARIESUL Turda is a Romanian football club from Turda, which since 2012 in the third Romanian football league, the league plays III. He was able in 1961 to win the Romanian Cup, but never played in the highest Romanian Football League, the League 1


ARIESUL Turda was founded in 1922 under the name Muncitorul Turda ( Muncitor is the Romanian word for workers). In the 1920s it was possible the club did not qualify for the final round of the Romanian football championship because he could not prevail against regional rivals of Victoria and Universitatea Cluj. As the professional league Divizia A was founded in 1932, Muncitorul was therefore not included. It was only in 1937 succeeded the club to qualify for the first time on regional level. But in the Northern Group of the newly founded Divizia C it was only enough to last place in the following season the club moved back to the middle of the season from the league.

Since the Divizia C has not played regularly in the post-war period, the club went 20 years later under the new name Flamura Turda, which he had adopted in 1950, in the national championships back. After the climb, he changed his name to ARIESUL Turda - named after the river Aries, is due to the Turda. In the 1961/62 season ARIESUL achieved the greatest success in the club's history. Playing Now in its second-rate Divizia B of the club under coach Ştefan Wetzer could reach the Romanian Cup final and there prevail against FC Rapid Bucureşti 2-1. Since the game had taken place only in November 1961, ARIESUL but could not participate in the European Cup Winners' Cup. In the same season the club managed sixth place also the best result in the leagues operating.

The association could not build on the successes. ARIESUL experienced in the second half of the 1960s turbulent times. After descending from the Divizia B in 1964, and the chances of promotion of the club was passed down and found himself in the 1967/68 season in the Viertklassigkeit again. After the immediate return to the Divizia C ARIESUL played from 1973 to 1977 again in the second division. In 1975 the club changed its name to sticla ARIESUL Turda. At the beginning of the 1980 year, he made ​​several unsuccessful attempts to return to the Divizia B, but failed each scarce. After the rise in 1984 was followed again turbulent years. The immediate descent and re- ascent in 1987 were followed from 1990 to 1991 and again from 1992 to 1994 hours in the regional leagues. Since then, the development of the club goes steadily upward. He first fought against relegation, he could engage in the following years in the fight for the climb. Since 1999, the club is called again ARIESUL Turda.

In 2007, finally succeeded under coach Victor Roşca return in the second highest league. After seven games of the season 2006/ 07 he was replaced by Alexandru Nistor, but the coach did not have a valid license. To avoid a penalty Association, then was on 8 November 2007 Mircea Bolba, the former coach of Talna Orasu Nou in the Liga IV taken under contract. In January 2008, Victor Roşca returned as head coach. In June 2008, Alexandru Pelici was committed as a coach. After four defeats in the first four games of the League II 2009 /10 and leaving in the Cupa României 2009/10 Pelici was September 5, 2009 announced his retirement. Successor at the bottom club was Tudorache Marin, who was released after a weak back round start on 12 April 2010 on September 7, 2009. In the last ten games of the season the club was managed by Dorel Mureşan, with the tenth place in the table has been reached. To the away game on 11 June 2010 at CS Otopeni ARIESUL was not allowed to compete on the final day as a rate of the transfer fee for Rareş Fórika had not been paid on time Tricolorul Breaza. After the season most coaches Mureşan the former goalkeeping coach Marcel Rusu, who remained the club as goalkeeping coach when he was replaced on October 19, 2010 by Florin Fabian as head coach. On September 12 2011 Fabian was released two days later and replaced by George Ciorceri.

After the end of the first round in 2011/12 ARIESUL lay on the bottom of the table and stood immediately prior to the withdrawal from the championship as player and youth coach had for several months to get paid no salaries.


  • Romanian Cup Winners: 1961
  • Rise in the Divizia B and Liga II: 1965, 1973, 1984, 1987, 2007

Known player

  • Romania Anton Doboş
  • Romania Stelian Gherman
  • Romania Cosmin Tilincă

Former coach

  • Romania Stelian Gherman (1999 to 2000)
  • Romania Dorel Mureşan ( before 2006 13 April 2010 to June 2010 )
  • Romania Victor Roşca ( to September 2007, January 2008 to 2008)
  • Romania Alexandru Nistor (September 2007 to November 8, 2007)
  • Romania Mircea Bolba (8th November 2007-January 2008 )
  • Romania Alexandru Pelici (June 2008 to September 5, 2009)
  • Romania Marin Tudorache (September 7, 2009 to April 12, 2010 )
  • Romania Marcel Rusu (June 24, 2010 to October 19, 2010 )
  • Romania Florin Fabian (October 19, 2010 to September 12, 2011 )
  • Romania George Ciorceri ( September 14, 2011)