Aflenz Kurort

Aflenz until the end of 2014, market town in the judicial district of Bruck an der Mur and in the political district of Bruck- Miirzzuschlag in Styria with 1014 inhabitants (as of 1 January 2013). As part of the municipality of structural reform in Styria it is from 2015, together with the community Aflenz Land, the new community will be called market town Aflenz. This is based on the Styrian community structure reform law - StGsrG.

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Aflenz is located in the valley in Styria and the neighboring municipality of Aflenz country. The area of ​​the municipality Aflenz covers 16.1 square kilometers.

Aflenz has no other local villages.


Avelniz was mentioned in a deed in 1025 for the first time Bamberger: King Conrad II gave the Aflenzer and Mariazellerland Beatrix, wife of Adalbero of Eppenstein. As part of the foundation of the monastery of St. Lambrecht the area in 1103 came to this house Eppensteiner monastery. By repealing Grunduntertänigkeit 1848, the abbots of St. Lambrecht landlords, managed by the Provost Aflenzer building from the Aflenzertal were.

The territory of the municipality was part of the Duchy of Styria 1180 separated from Bavaria. Since 1192 Styria and Austria were united in a personal union.

The market rights received Aflenz 1458 by Emperor Frederick III. awarded.

Since 1564 the Styria was one of Inner Austria, since 1804 Empire of Austria. Aflenz was founded in 1918 part of the Republic of Austria. After the annexation of Austria to the German Reich Aflenz belonged to Reichsgau Styria. From 1945 to 1955, the city was part of the British zone of occupation.


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  • ÖVP: 3
  • SPÖ: 2

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In the municipal elections of 2005 gave the following distribution of votes:

  • Austrian People's Party (ÖVP ): 24.36%
  • Social Democratic Party of Austria ( SPÖ): 13.90%
  • Together for Aflenz ( GFA ): 61.75 %

Mayor 's Hanns Finding.

Coat of arms


Regional Policy

Aflenz is a member in December 2, 2009 Regionext small Hochschwab South, and in the LEADER area Mariazellerland - Muerztal.

Regarding community structure reform 2010-2015 a merger with Aflenz country is safe, possible is also the additional participation of Turnau ( 3 ) solution, in discussion is also a further merger with St. Ilgen / Etmißl / Thoerl ( 6 ) solution, which but the latter part Thoerl merger is uncertain.

Economy and infrastructure


As early as the late 19th century began the summer tourism. 1920 Aflenz a health resort, was in 1979 appointed a climatic health resort.

In addition to the summer tourism also developed the winter tourism. 1954, the first ski lift was built on the Bürgeralm.

Health facilities:

  • Special hospital rehabilitation center Aflenz
  • Health and Kneipp center

Culture and sights

  • Provost
  • Church: gothic, pillar -less one-room with interiors from the period of the late Baroque and Rococo
  • Karner: two-storey chapel, which refers to Romanesque basic form; interesting domed roof from the 18th century; the charnel house is located in the cemetery
  • Kurpark