Frauenberg, Styria

  • ÖVP: 6
  • SPÖ: 3

Mrs. Berg, named after the local Sanctuary Mrs. Mount Saint Mary Rehkogel, is a municipality with 156 inhabitants (as of 1 January 2013 ) in the judicial district of Bruck an der Mur and in the political district of Bruck - Miirzzuschlag in Styria. From 1 January 2015, is the framework of the Styrian municipality structural reform with the community St.Marein together in Muerztal, the new community will continue to use the name " Sankt Marein in Muerztal ".

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Ms. Berg is located on 941 m altitude in the Austrian province of Styria in Muerztal near Bruck an der Mur. The highest elevation is the racing field ( 1,630 m).

Community structure

The municipality comprises the two villages (in brackets population as of 31 October 2011):

  • Mrs. Berg (72 )
  • Graschnitzgraben (85)

The municipality comprises the cadastral woman mountain.


In 1354 a chapel was built at the site of a statue of Mary. In 1489 a church in late Gothic style was built in place of the chapel, which was redesigned in 1769 Baroque. 1775, the church was an organ of the famous organ builder Anton Romans.


Mayor is Franz Meisenbichler of the ÖVP.

Coat of arms

The award of the municipality coat of arms came into effect on 1 October 2000. Coat Description: In blauern sprinkled with seven golden lily sign on golden hills a golden adorierender Roebuck under a golden head of the shield with gold contoured blue diamond-shaped Gothic vault ribs.

Culture and sights

  • Pilgrimage Church of Maria Rehkogel


Sons & Daughters of the place

  • Johann Seitinger, ÖVP provincial government of Styria