Ai Sugiyama

Ai Sugiyama (Japanese杉山 爱, Ai Sugiyama, born July 5, 1975 in Yokohama ) is a former Japanese tennis player from 1992 to 2009 Team player. As a junior she was in May 1991 at the top of world rankings.

  • 3.1 Individual
  • 3.2 double


Throughout her career, she won seven tournaments in singles and 42 in doubles, including three Grand Slam titles. She won the 2000 U.S. Open with Julie Halard - Decugis, 2003 respectively with Kim Clijsters, the French Open and Wimbledon and 1999 U.S. Open in mixed doubles with Mahesh Bhupathi.

She was a member of the Japanese Fed Cup team and the Japanese Olympic team in 1996, 2000, 2004 and 2008.

Your highest position in the WTA world rankings they achieved on February 9, 2004, No. 8 in singles. In doubles, she stood in 2000 at No. 1 Sugiyama played her last tournament on September 28, 2009 in Tokyo, and was afterwards her retirement from professional sports known.

Tournament Win



2006 Seoul; 2005 San Diego; 1999 Tokyo ( Japan Open ); 1997 Gold Coast, Moscow; 1995 Oakland; 1994 Surabaya


Performance at Grand Slam tournaments