Alex Tagliani

Alexandre "Alex" Tagliani ( born October 18, 1972 in Montreal ) is a Canadian race car driver. He joined from 2000 to 2007 in the Champ Car series. He was from 2008 to 2013 in the IndyCar Series active.

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Beginnings in motorsport

Tagliani, whose father came from Italy, came at the age of ten years for the first time while visiting his grandfather in Italy with the karting in contact. After Tagliani several years in karting was active, he began in 1994 his formula racing career in the Canadian Formula Ford, in which he finished in fourth place overall in the 1995 season.

In 1996, Tagliani in the Atlantic Championship to P- 1 Racing. While his team-mate Lee Bentham was runner-up, Tagliani finished his debut season in seventh place overall. A third place was his best result. 1997 denied Tagliani his second season in the Atlantic Championship for Forsythe Racing. He won two races and finished third in the championship. Team Intern, he sat down with 123 through to 121 points against Bertrand Godin. 1998 remained Tagliani at Forsythe Racing and reached with two wins fifth place in the drivers' standings. Bentham, his teammate, was this year champion. 1999 graduated Tagliani his fourth season of Atlantic Championship and started again for Forsythe Racing. He won two races as in the Vorsaisons and finished fourth in the championship. He sat down this season against Bentham, who was again his teammate and the season in sixth place finished by.

Champ Car

In 2000, Tagliani in the CART series and stayed with Forsythe Racing. In his debut season Tagliani took some points race and finished at end of season 16 overall. His best finish achieved Tagliani already at the second race of the season in Long Beach, where he finished fourth. 2001 denied Tagliani for Forsythe Racing his second CART season. At the Lausitzring Tagliani collided unhappy with the rotating Alessandro Zanardi, who was seriously injured in the accident and lost both legs. Tagliani 2001 reached three podium finishes and was overall in eleventh place, just behind his teammate Patrick Carpentier. 2002 graduated Tagliani his third season in the CART series and remained together with Carpentier at Forsythe Racing. He succeeded in attaining two second places and in the overall standings Tagliani finished eighth overall. In 2003, Tagliani to Rocket Sports Racing after he was replaced at Forsythe Racing through the later overall winner Paul Tracy. Tagliani drove in season three times on the podium and finished tenth overall. 2004 remained Tagliani at Rocket Sports. In the race at Elkhart Lake Tagliani won his first race. At the end of the season Tagliani was on the seventh place in the overall standings.

2005 moved Tagliani for Team Australia and was re- seventh overall. He also completed two races in the V8 Supercar Championship Series. 2005 occupied Tagliani, who had remained true to his team in eighth place overall. 2007 Tagliani returned to Rocket Sports and finished end of the season in tenth place in the overall standings. Tagliani was in 2007 for the first time the best pilot from Canada. He also made ​​his debut in the NASCAR Canadian Tire Series, and took part in two races there. For 2008, Tagliani was planning technology to go to the start in the Champ Car series for KV Racing. Due to the unification of Champ Car and the IndyCar Series, however it did not come to this commitment. In the last race of the Champ Car series in Long Beach Tagliani started for Walker Racing.

Tagliani denied in the Champ Car series a total of 132 races.

IndyCar Series

Due to a violation of Enrique Bernoldi Tagliani contested the last three races of the IndyCar Series season 2008 for Conquest Racing. In addition, he took up to nine races of the NASCAR Canadian Tire Series, winning a race. For the 2009 season, Tagliani was hired by Conquest Racing. He attended only six races of the season and finished the season 22nd place overall. He also completed two each race in the NASCAR Canadian Tire Series and the NASCAR Nationwide Series. In 2010, the Tagliani in part for the new FAZZT Race Team in the IndyCar Series. At the first race, he retired, after he had gone from second on the grid, after a collision. In the further course of the season was followed by a fourth place as best result. At the end of the season, he finished 13th in the overall standings. He also completed two guest appearances in the V8 Supercar Championship Series.

2011 should Tagliani complete his second season for the FAZZT Race Team. Shortly before the start of the season the team of Sam Schmidt Motorsports has been adopted. Taglianis contract remained. At the Indianapolis 500 Tagliani drove to the pole position. However, in the race, he was eliminated in 28th place. Since he had noticed in the first ten events caused by two of him collisions, he went on probation until the end of the season. With two races left in the season, he was replaced by Dan Wheldon, who was killed in the season finale, and in return received at the season finale at Bryan Herta Wheldons cockpit Autosport. At the end of the season, he finished with two fourth places as the 15th overall best results. In addition, Tagliani took part in 2011 two races of the V8 Supercar Championship Series and the NASCAR Canadian Tire Series, and stood in a NASCAR Nationwide race, which he finished in second place.

2012 Tagliani went for Bryan Herta Autosport in the IndyCar Series at the start. Tagliani and his team were initially supported the factory by the engine manufacturer Lotus. After the third race his team ended the collaboration with Lotus and switched to Honda. On participation at the fourth race in São Paulo, the team waived. Since Tagliani was not at that time within the Top 22, the series would not have taken over the traveling costs. In qualifying for the sixth race in Detroit, he qualified for the third place, but had problems in the starting phase, so he went behind the field from last place. In the race, he nonetheless reached tenth his first top-10 finish of the season. A race later in Fort Worth, he started from pole position and came in ninth place finish. At the Edmonton Indy, he was the most laps in the lead, but did not manage to maintain this until the end of the race. He finally achieved his best season with a fifth place ranking. Tagliani finished the season starting on the 17th Place. He also appeared to be a race of the NASCAR Nationwide Series. He scored the pole position. In addition, Tagliani took part in two races in the Rolex Sports Car Series. 2013 remained Tagliani in the IndyCar Series with Bryan Herta Autosport at first. After he had become Tenth twice in the first 13 races, he was replaced for the remaining six races of the season by Luca Filippi and JR Hildebrand, who shared the cockpit. For the last race in Fontana Tagliani was short a place at Chip Ganassi Racing. He represented there, Dario Franchitti, who turned out to injury. In the drivers' standings Tagliani was at the end of the season in 24th place.



Career stations

  • 2004: Champ Car ( 7th place)
  • 2005: Champ Car ( 7th place)
  • 2005 V8 Supercar Championship Series ( No. 53 )
  • 2006: Champ Car ( # 10 )
  • 2007: Champ Car ( # 10 )
  • 2007: NASCAR Canadian Tire Series ( No. 35 )
  • 2008: IndyCar Series (No. 32)
  • 2008: NASCAR Canadian Tire Series ( No. 19 )
  • 2009: IndyCar Series (No. 22)
  • 2009: NASCAR Nationwide Series (No. 115)
  • 2009: NASCAR Canadian Tire Series ( place 40)
  • 2010: IndyCar Series (No. 13)
  • 2011: IndyCar Series (No. 15)
  • 2011: NASCAR Nationwide Series (No. 64)
  • 2011: NASCAR Canadian Tire Series ( No. 37 )
  • 2011: V8 Supercar Championship Series (No. 68)
  • 2012: IndyCar Series (No. 17)
  • 2012: Rolex Sports Car Series, DP
  • 2012: NASCAR Nationwide Series ( No. 77 )
  • 2013: IndyCar Series (No. 24)

Individual results in the IndyCar Series

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