NASCAR Canadian Tire Series

The NASCAR Canadian Tire Series is a NASCAR series that runs exclusively in Canada. It is the former CASCAR series, which was acquired by NASCAR.

Acquisition of CASCAR

The American NASCAR and the Canadian CASCAR were already in November 2004, in conversations, which had the consequence that the two series worked together. In September 2006 the former CASCAR Super Series was then bought by NASCAR. The main sponsor of the new series was Canadian Tire.

The races are broadcast on Canadian television by TSN.

The NASCAR Canadian Tire Series champion may participate Showdown at Irwindale Speedway in California at the Toyota All-Star.

The cars

The NASCAR Canadian Tire Series uses cars with touring car silhouettes and V8 engines. The cars have a relatively high minimum weight, which is why few lightweight components are developed. Some components are defined by the rules and must not be changed.

All Masters

CASCAR Super Series

* = In the 1986 season, all races took place on the Delaware Speedway.

Canadian Tire Series