Whelen Southern Modified Tour

The NASCAR Whelen Southern Modified Tour, WSMT short, is a stock car racing series of NASCAR, which discharges their race exclusively in the southeastern United States. The Whelen Southern Modified Tour has almost the same rules as the acting in the northeastern United States Whelen Modified Tour.


The NASCAR Whelen Southern Modified Tour was founded in 2005 after the Southern Modified Auto Racing Teams (SMART ) was in the wake of the dissolution of the American Speed ​​Association, briefly ASA dissolved. The first discharged season of the series in 2005 was won by Junior Miller.

However, NASCAR had already previously discharged Whelen Modified race in the southeastern U.S. by the year 1985. Among others, the race in North Wilkesboro, North Carolina, Martinsville, Virginia and Winston- Salem, North Carolina to the race calendar. Drivers from Virginia and North Carolina were among the regular participants in the NASCAR Whelen Modified.

Currently, the Whelen Southern Modified Tour travels among others at the Bristol Motor Speedway in Bristol, Tennessee and the Atlanta Motor Speedway. The champion of the series may participate Showdown at Toyota All-Star.

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