NASCAR Mexico T4 Series

The NASCAR Mexico T4 Series is organized by NASCAR Mexico amateur racing series of NASCAR, which runs only in Mexico. It is considered a second tier of Mexican NASCAR leagues behind the NASCAR Corona Series.

The series has the greatest riders of all Mexican racing series with more than 30 teams that run the full race calendar and a few others who drive a part-time schedule. The riders of the series is very varied, ranging from 15 -year-old beginners to old, to 40 years of riders who finish off their careers in the NASCAR Mexico T4 Series.

The races are broadcast by the Mexican sports channel AYM. In Europe there is no TV coverage of the racing series.


Beginnings (1993 - 2003)

The NASCAR Mexico T4 Series is the oldest of the current traveling in Mexico touring car series. It was founded in 1994 under the name Reto Neon ( Neon Challenge ). It was a cost- racing series, whose vehicles were exclusively Dodge Neon. These cars were each shared by two drivers, an experienced pilot and a novice. Both drivers drove half an hour the whole hour race. This concept was very good for a few years, so that partially a driver field of over 50 pilots came about.

T4 Series

When the Desafio Corona Series, today's NASCAR Corona Series was founded in 2004, Reto Neon series was discontinued. The former Reto Neon series was then converted to T4 Series Series. In 2005 it was called Lotto T4 Series, as an Italian sportswear manufacturer sponsored the series for a year.

As NASCAR in 2006, the Desafio Corona Series took over, it had an impact on the T4 Series. Thus, the regulations were changed and adapted to the American NASCAR series such as the Sprint Cup. The main changes were that the teams had to make pit stops now and a driver change was only permitted in exceptional cases. Also known from the U.S. rules the " Lucky Dog " rule and two-lane Restarts were included in the Regulations of the T4 Series. In addition, the race calendar has been changed so that the race of the T4 Series just took place on ovals. The Chevrolet Astra was allowed to be used alongside the Dodge Neon as the vehicle model.

Since 2007, the series moves officially under the name NASCAR Mexico T4 Series.