Alexander Bogomazov

Alexander ( Oleksandr ) Bogomazow (Russian Александр Константинович Богомазов, Ukrainian Олександр Костянтинович Богомазов; * 26 Märzjul / April 7 1880greg in Jampil, Kherson Governorate, .. † June 3, 1930 in Kiev ) was a Ukrainian painter and theoretician of Russian Avant-garde

1896-1902 Bogomazow visited the College of Agriculture in Kherson. 1902 to 1905 he studied in spite of the opposition of his father at the Art Academy in Kiev, where he among other things, Alexandra Exter and Alexander Archipenko met. Because of the participation of the student protests in 1905 he was expelled from the university and continued to study privately in Kiev when Professor Sergei Ivanovich Swetoslawskij, then in Moscow with Fyodor Ivanovich Rehrberg and Konstantin Fyodorovich Yuon.

1908 to 1911 he continued his studies at the Kiev Art Academy. Together with Alexandra Exter, David Davidovich Burliuk and Mikhail Fedorovich Larionov, he participated in the exhibition of the artist group " Sweno " ( " link ").

The years 1911 to 1915 he spent in Finland as a correspondent for the " Kievskaya Mysl " ( "Kievan thoughts "). Back in Kiev he taught drawing in the deaf school. In 1913 he married the painter W. Monastyrska. He founded a cubist - futurist artist group " Koltso " ( "Ring" ) consisting of only one year. The period 1915-1917 he spent as a teacher in the Caucasus Nagorno Karabakh.

1917-1918 he taught at various art schools Kiev. 1919-1920 he was co-founder of the artists union. 1920-1922 he drew posters and illustrated children's books. In September 1922 he was appointed professor of painting at the easel Kiev Institute of Fine Arts, where he taught jointly with Vadim Meller, Vladimir Tatlin and Yevgrafovich Viktor Palmov. In 1923, he contracted tuberculosis and died in 1930 at the age of 50 years.

"Composition N2. " From 1914 to 1915. Collection M.T.Abraham.

"Fire in Kiev ' in 1916. National Art Museum of Ukraine, Kiev

" File it a saw " 1927

Portrait of the daughter. 1928