Altenbeken station

  • Railway Hamm- Warburg ( KBS 430)
  • Railway Altenbeken - Kreiensen ( KBS 403)
  • Railway line between Hanover and Altenbeken ( KBS 363.4.5 )
  • Railway Herford Altenbeken ( KBS 405)


The Altenbeken station is a railway station in the island municipality in the county Altenbeken Paderborn. Due to its location on the railroad tracks from the Ruhr to Warburg -Kassel as well as wood - Kreiensen Minden, Hannover and Herford has the station as a hub of great importance for the local and long- distance transport. Its importance decreases because of limitations in ICE-/IC-Verkehr on the so-called mid - Germany connection.


The rail link Paderborn- Warburg Altenbeken was opened in 1853 initially with no station.

The station itself was followed on October 1, 1864, together with the completion of Rehberg tunnel and the resulting branching route to Holzminden, the station building was opened in 1864. On 20 December 1901, before the station a serious railway accident occurred when a passenger train on the breakdown of D 31 to Berlin ascended.

At Deutsche Reichsbahn of the station belonged to the territory of the Reichsbahn Kassel, later to Railway Board (BD) Kassel, according to the automatic dissolution of BD Hanover. Herford route is only served by local transport since the 1980s. Former Express and D train runs from Osnabrück, Bielefeld or Bremen and Kassel Bebra to southern Germany are gradually eliminated. Finally, the line " The Cherusker " to Osnabrück -Bad Bentheim has been set. Thus only exist Connecting About Herford addition. Through trains to Bielefeld use from Lage (Lippe ) the Begatalbahn about Oerlinghausen. The route to Hanover is served in the transport of the S-Bahn Hannover since 2000. On Altenbeken station also served by InterCity trains, to December, 2007, and individual ICE T. Since the timetable change in December 2010 run again two ICE pairs of trains on the routes from Dusseldorf to Dresden and Darmstadt to Munich. In both cases, the next stop Warburg.

Because of the importance of Altenbeken for rail transport of ICE-T engine head 415 003 was baptized with the name " Altenbeken " on 11 July 2003. Altenbeken is therefore likely to be one of the smallest eponymous places.

Capital equipment

The station has eleven platform tracks with a length of 140 meters to 403 meters and platform heights of 38 and 76 centimeters. With the track 200, which allows communication between the distances from Hannover or Herford and Warburg Kassel, forms the station since May 30, 1958, reversing triangle. This track loop is used only by freight traffic.

It is the Altenbeken station to a island railway station, the station building is only accessible by subways. A total of four routes leave the station in an easterly direction, only the track in the direction of Paderborn leads in western direction over the Altenbekener viaduct. Due to this distance curves of the station is also called "five fingers Station ".

The dispatcher interlocking Altenbeken Af, a relay interlocking the type SpDrS59 was put into operation on December 1, 1963, replacing five mechanical interlockings.

At the exit to the village there is a memorial stone was erected to mark the 125th anniversary of the station.


On December 11, 1970, the electrification of the Kassel -Hamm was completed and the first electric locomotive could move into the Altenbeken station. On 21 May 1971, the route Altenbeken -Hannover followed. Except for the distance in the direction Hoexter, Kreiensen all routes are currently electrified.


The Altenbeken station had as interchange since construction of the first branching path of great importance. Already the first German D- train, the D 31/32 between Cologne and Berlin, placed in Altenbeken since its launch on May 1, 1892 a break -in.

The former importance of the North-South Highway and freight transport has been lost today. The bypass curve (track 200) made ​​this change of direction between the routes from Herford and Warburg unnecessary. The shorter travel time represents a considerable attractiveness profit. With the exception of the over -pass curve driving distance trains in North-South direction was Altenbeken train stop for all long-distance trains.

Continuous transport connections from the eastern stretches over Altenbeken addition to Paderborn and limitations in long-distance transport, the importance of the station have reduced. Importance of the station as a transfer point between the distances from Hanover and Herford because of this much cheaper train station Himmighausen (city Nieheim ), east of the Rehberg tunnel was closed in May 1989 for passenger traffic.

Positively impact has involvement in the Nahverkehrsverbund Paderborn- Hoexter ( " high pin - Tariff" ) with transition rates for Tarifverbund " The sixes" (OWL Transport GmbH) and privatizations on routes to Bielefeld, wood Minden (North Western Railway ) and Herford ( WestfalenBahn ).

Today's operation

It trains to the long-distance passenger transport and transport.

Pictures of Altenbeken station