Alxa League

Alxa is a covenant in the extreme west of Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region of the People's Republic of China. The Alxa Association has an area of ​​267,574 km ² and around 180,000 inhabitants ( end of 2004). Its capital and administrative center is the large village Bayan Hot in the left Alxa banner. The Alxa Association is bordered to the north by the State of Mongolia, to the west and south by the Gansu Province in the southeast of the Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region, and to the east by the cities of Ordos, Wuhai and Bayan Nur.

Most of the surface of Alxa federal occupied by the Alxa Desert, which is considered by some geographers as part of the Gobi and is guided in the Western literature mostly under the transcriptional her Chinese name as Alashan Desert.

Administrative Divisions

At county level, the Alxa Association consists of three banners. These are:

  • Alxa Left Banner (阿拉善 左旗), 80,412 km ², 140,000 inhabitants ( 2004), capital: greater community Bayan Hot (巴彦浩特 镇);
  • Alxa Right Banner (阿拉善 右 旗), 72,556 km ², about 20,000 inhabitants ( 2004), capital: greater community marriages Hudug (额 肯 呼 都 格 镇);
  • Ejin banner (额济纳 旗), 114,606 km ², 20,000 inhabitants ( 2004), capital: greater community Dalai Hub (达 来 呼 布 镇).

Ethnic structure of the population of the Alxa Association ( 2000)

In census 2000 196.279 inhabitants were counted.

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38.833333333333105.66666666667Koordinaten: 38 ° 50 'N, 105 ° 40 ' E

  • Location in Inner Mongolia
  • Government district or collar (China)