Am Mellensee

Am Mellensee is a municipality and in the Teltow -Flaming in Brandenburg. It was formed in 2002 through the voluntary merger of initially six municipalities. 2003, two more municipalities were integrated in Am Mellensee in the course of municipal reform by law. The municipality is now identical with the Office of the area from 1992 to 2003 existing Office Am Mellensee today.

  • 2.1 Office Am Mellensee and education of the community on Mellensee
  • 2.2 Demographics
  • 3.1 Municipal Council
  • 3.2 Mayor
  • 4.1 List of Monuments
  • 4.2 Benedictine Abbey of St. Gertrud
  • 5.1 traffic


Geographical Location

The municipality Am Mellensee is located around 40 km ( straight line ) south of Berlin -Mitte, bordering the city Trebbin in the northwest, the city of Zossen in the northeast and east, the town of Baruth / Mark in the southeast and the community Nuthe- glacial valley in the southwest and West. In each case, at the boundaries of communities are Hegesee, Mellensee, Neuendorfer lake and Schulzensee.

Community structure

For the community Am Mellensee eight districts are designated under the main statute.

  • Gadsdorf
  • Klaus village
  • Grief Village Alexander village ( with the districts sorrow village and Alexander Village )
  • Good grief Village
  • Mellensee
  • Rehagen
  • Saalow
  • Sperenberg

In the municipality there are also the following Places: * Alexander Village, remote Neuendorf, Hansch country, grief village, Mönninghausen and Waldkaterallee


The history of the church Am Mellensee is basically the history of individual communities, all of which were in the Middle Ages to the rule Zossen. With the advent of the circular layout of the Mark Brandenburg in the 17th century, the communities came to the district Teltow, which was dissolved in 1952. All parishes came to the circle Zossen ( 1990-1993 Zossen district ). By 1974 there were in the municipality ten independent communities. In 1974, Kummer village and Alexander Village merged to community grief Village Alexander Village, and remote Neuendorf was incorporated into Sperenberg. On 6 December 1993 the district Zossen went on in the Teltow -Flaming.

Office Am Mellensee and education of the community on Mellensee

On June 1, 1992, the eight municipalities Gadsdorf, Klaus village, grief Village Alexander Village, grief Village Well, Mellensee, Rehagen, Saalow and Sperenberg connected to the office together Am Mellensee. Seat of the official administration was Sperenberg.

Klaus village, grief Village Alexander Village, grief Village Well, Mellensee, Rehagen and Sperenberg - - During the municipal reorganization of Brandenburg, six of the municipalities of the Office Office Mellensee closed on 1 February 2002 voluntarily initially amt nationals community Am Mellensee together. The Office then Am Mellensee consisted only of three communities. At the conclusion of the municipal reform communities Gadsdorf and Saalow were incorporated by law in the community Am Mellensee with effect from 26 October 2003. The Office On Mellensee was dissolved on October 26, 2003, the community Am Mellensee official free.

The municipal mergers and incorporations in the overview:


Forecasts of population change

Forecast age structure


Municipal council

The municipal council consists of 18 community representatives as well as the full-time mayor.

  • LEFT: 5 seats ( 2)
  • CDU: 4 seats (-1)
  • UWG: 4 seats ( ± 0)
  • SPD: 4 seats (-2)
  • FDP: 1 seat ( 1)


  • 2003-2007: Manfred Donath (SPD ) (withdrawal due to illness)
  • Since 2007: Frank Broshog (independent, for CDU) ( election on October 28, 2007)

Culture and sights

List of Monuments

In the list of monuments in Am Mellensee and the list of ground monuments in Am Mellensee are registered in the list of monuments of the country Brandenburg cultural monuments.

Other points of interest are:

  • The lido Klaus village
  • The Denkmalssplatz in Klaus village
  • Original paving of hard-burnt bricks of the Ebereschenallee
  • Heroes Cemetery in Mellensee

Benedictine Abbey of St. Gertrud

In Alexander village is located at the Benedictine Abbey of St. Gertrud, the only post-Reformation Benedictine monastery in Brandenburg. It was founded in 1934 and 1984 raised to the abbey.

Economy and infrastructure


By B96 (Berlin- Finsterwalde ) the community is connected to the national transport network. By 1996 /98, vilage sorrow village possessed Well, Sperenberg, Rehagen, Klaus village and Mellensee with the railway line Zossen Jiiterbog a rail connection. Since 2003, operate on the tracks of the former KME ( Royal Prussian military railway) only the Handcars the experience Zossen - Jüterbog.


The place is located on Nottekanal a lock system, which has been recently modernized. Water sports enthusiasts can thus along the waterways to Berlin. The 40 km long Draisinenbahn Zossen after Jiiterbog along the disused railway track of the historic former Royal Prussian military railway runs through the municipality directly on Nottekanal along. On the Mellensee water is possible. The water sports club on Mellensee eV was founded on 1 February 2008. Tours are offered by canal boat in summer on the lake. The Mellensee is also a popular fishing spot. In the district Mellensee there are full-time fishermen and fishing companies.

In recent years, the network of trails was developed in the municipality.