Amenmesse was the 5th Egyptian King (Pharaoh) of the 19th Dynasty ( New Kingdom ), and reigned from 1203 to 1200 BC

Origin and family

The family membership Amenmesses is not secured. He was probably the son of Pharaoh Merneptah and his wife Tachat, a daughter of Ramses II. His wives were Baketwerel and Tia. Another spelling of the name is " Amun- Masesa " ( " Amunmasesa " ), which is why it is considered the possibility that it is the biblical- handed person of Moses with him.


Amenmesse is a controversial research king and there are different opinions as to when his government times are to be set. Rolf Krauss According Amenmesse is with the chimney already under Merenptah and for a short time under Seti II viceroy of Kush, Messui identical. Consequently, it would be for a period of four years (1203 - 1199) against king Seti II was. However, this hypothesis is not conclusive detectable. According to Manetho he reigned five years. So his reign either falls between that of Merenptah and Seti II or as a usurper to the reign of Seti II.

His grave

The grave KV10 in the Valley of the Kings in 1907 was exposed and identified as the grave of Amenmesse. The mummy of the king but no longer in the grave, instead, the mummies of two unknown women were buried here. It is believed that this is the mother Amenmesses, Tachat, and his wife, Baketwerel, acts as both are represented in the well chamber of the tomb.