Andre Gurode

  • 4x Pro Bowl selection ( 2006-2008, 2010)
  • 1x All-Pro selection ( 2007)

Andre Bernard Gurode ( born March 6, 1979 in Houston, Texas) is an American professional American football player on the positions of the guard and center. He plays for the Baltimore Ravens in the National Football League ( NFL).

Playing career

College career

The athletic Gurode has already played in high school in his hometown of American football. After finishing school he studied at the University of Colorado at Boulder and played for the Colorado Buffalos Football. With his team, he moved to a two Bowl games. 1999 was the Buffalo win the Inside.Com Bowl against Boston College with 62:28. 2002 Fiesta Bowl went with 38:16 lost to the University of Oregon. Gurode suffered a knee injury in this game. After it had been created him a bandage, he continued, however, continues the game. Until the beginning of his professional career, he had fully recovered from his injury.

Professional career

In the 2002 NFL Draft Gurode was selected by the Dallas Cowboys in the second round to 37th place. In his first year he was appointed by the Head Coach of the team, Dave Campo, as a starter at the position of the center, but had to change in 2003 to the position of Guards. From 2006 Gurode plays continuously as the center of quarterback Tony Romo.

Gurode has developed into a very tough player. At the third round in the 2006 season, Gurode was injured in a game against the Tennessee Titans by misconduct Albert Haynesworth by a kick to the head. The wound caused by the cleats of Haynesworth had to be sewn with 30 stitches. Nevertheless, Gurode was also a week later as a starter on the court. Haynesworth was given a red card and a suspension for four games.

2006, the Treaty of Gurode was initially extended by one year. In 2007 he received from Jerry Jones, the team owner of the Cowboys, signed a contract for six years with a salary of 30 million U.S. dollars. Gurode has been involved in the past few years several times in charitable actions of his team.

For the 2011 season, he was dismissed from Dallas because his salary exceeded the upper limit of the team and you could not agree on a lower income of the Pro Bowlers. Since then Gurode plays at the Baltimore Ravens.


In the years 2006 to 2008 and 2010 Gurode played in the Pro Bowl, the season final game of the best players of a game round.