Anna Wood (kayaker)

Anna Wood, born Annemarie Cox ( born July 22, 1966 in Roermond in Limburg ) is a former Australian canoeist Dutch origin. She won for both nations with their respective ( differing ) name at the Olympic Games ever a medal.

She joined in 1988 for the canoe team of the Netherlands at the Summer Olympics in Seoul. Following her marriage to the Australian canoeists Steven Wood ( born March 17, 1961 † 23 November 1995) nam it its present name Anna Wood and henceforth started for Australia.

Sporting success

At the Summer Olympics in 1988 she won in canoe racing under her birth name Anne Marie Cox, together with Annemiek Derckx on the short distance over 500 meters in the double kayak (K2 ) of the ladies the bronze medal in the time of 1:46,00 min.

At the 1996 Summer Olympics in Atlanta, it reached together with the also starting for Australia -born German canoeist Katrin Borchert in the K2 Women's 500 meters with a time of 1:40,641 minutes. third place.

She also won the following Canoe World Championships in kayak Medals:

  • Canoe Sprint World Championships in 1985 in Mechelen K2 with Annemiek Derckx over 500 meters bronze in 1:47,95 min.
  • Canoe Sprint World Championships 1987 in Duisburg K2 with Derckx over 500 meters silver
  • Canoe Sprint World Championships in Paris in 1991 the one-man kayak ( K1) over 5000 meters silver
  • Canoe Sprint World Championships in 1997 in Dartmouth ( Canada ) in the K2 with Katrin Borchert and now with the name " Wood" for Australia starting on both the 500 as well as on the 1000 meters distance each silver
  • Canoe Sprint World Championships in 1998 in Szeged / Hungary in K2 with Borchert over 500 and 1000 meters both times gold
  • Canoe Sprint World Championships in Milan in 1999 with K2 Borchert over 1000 meters gold.
  • Canoeist (Netherlands)
  • Canoeist (Australia)
  • Olympian (The Netherlands )
  • Olympian (Australia)
  • Born in 1966
  • Woman