Giersch ( Aegopodium podagraria )

The Doldenblütlerartigen ( Apiales ) are an order of flowering plant ( Magnoliopsida ). The Doldenblütlerartigen are distributed almost worldwide; The order includes seven families with nearly 500 genera and nearly 5500 species.


There are woody or herbaceous plants. The leaves are usually divided. Stipules are usually present.

The flowers are mostly combined in simple or compound doldigen inflorescences. The most inconspicuous flowers are fünfzählig. There is only one stamen circle. The stamens are not fused with the petals. At the base of the flower there is often a nectar discus.

Flowers formula:


The trisaccharide umbelliferose is formed as a reserve substance. Very often sesquiterpenes and triterpenoidähnliche substances, polyacetylenes are included.


The Apiales are within the Euasteriden II, the sister group of the clade ( Paracryphiales Dipsacales ). To her the following families are expected to:

  • Umbelliferae ( Apiaceae )
  • Araliaceae ( Araliaceae )
  • Griseliniaceae
  • Myodocarpaceae
  • Pennantiaceae
  • Klebsamengewächse ( Pittosporaceae )
  • Torricelliaceae (including Aralidiaceae, Melanophyllaceae )

Typical chemo systematic feature of the closely related families of Apiaceae, Araliaceae and Griseliniaceae is the occurrence of petroselinic acid as the main fatty acid, while it is entirely absent in the Pittosporaceae.


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