Armored Saint

Armored Saint is an American metal band from Pasadena, California, which was known in the 1980s. The best-known members are John Bush and Joey Vera.


Armored Saint were launched in the early 1980s by vocalist John Bush and bassist Joey Vera. Was completed the line up of the band with the two guitarists Phil E. Sandoval and Dave Prichard and drummer Gonzo Sandoval.

The first sign of life of the band was a contribution to the legendary Metal Sampler Metal Massacre, are represented on its second edition Armored Saint Lesson Well Learned with the song. Shortly thereafter, an EP was released under the same name. In 1984, the band released their debut album March of the Saint via Chrysalis. The " Saints" went on their first U.S. tour in support of WASP and Metallica and shared a short time after the management with the latter. As Metallica John Bush try to poach as a singer, rejects this.

After their second album Delirious Nomad, which appeared in 1985, guitarist Phil Sandoval the band for personal reasons. The band continued as a quartet and took only after the self-produced Raising Fear (1987 ) and the live recording Saints Will Conquer Jeff Duncan as a second guitarist in the band.

Armored Saint lost because of insufficient sales record deal with Chrysalis, and so appeared Symbol of Salvation 1991 Metal Blade. Meanwhile, Phil Sandoval was again a part of the band after Dave Prichard died of leukemia in February 1990. Armored Saint Symbol of Salvation dedicated to the late Prichard. Several of his compositions found their way onto the album.

After a tour of Germany in the opening act of the Scorpions, the band broke up in 1992 after singer John Bush accepted the offer to be a substitute for Joey Belladonna with Anthrax. Joey Vera devoted himself after the end of the band various projects and dived among others in the line- up of Fates Warning, Tribe After Tribe, Seven Witches, and as a live musician with Anthrax on.

In 2000, the band reformed and played a comeback album called Revelation a. A year later another album called Nod to the Old School. Both albums received excellent reviews from the press and fans. The band was variously for the promotion of these albums live on tour. Also in German summer festivals, the band was again a guest.

2010 appeared the new comeback La Raza. It was chosen in the magazine Rock Hard album of the month and was also the first time to achieve a chart position in Germany.


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