Azure Ray

Azure Ray (English Azur beam, sky-blue beam of light) is an American Musikerinnenduo consisting of Maria Taylor and Orenda Fink. Currently, the artists are located in Omaha (Nebraska ). Your music moves between electronica, indie pop and alternative country. Be supplemented both by the keyboardist Jackie Lyons. Albums you post on the independent label Saddle Creek.


Both multi- instrumentalists originally from Birmingham, Alabama. They met at the Alabama School of Arts know where Taylor Fink studied ballet and theater. In 1997 she started her Indie-Pop/Rock-Band Little Red Rocket and got discovered by Remy Zero, a record deal with Geffen Records, which was, however, terminated after the merger of Geffen with Universal Music. Your former band has been compared in style to with groups like Belly or the Throwing Muses.

Taylor and Fink were now living in Athens ( Georgia), as it grossed her debut in 2001 as Azure Ray. This album represented a significant departure from the overly sweet indie-pop since it was both introspective and largely presented as well as acoustically. So heard the criticism " enchanting siren liable singing ... daydreaming ... driven gently and gloomy. " Influences of the music of the U.S. Midwest making their presence felt in a duet vocals and the lyrics.

This made, inter alia, Moby also pay attention to the duo. He undertook Azure Ray for the two songs Great Escape and landing as well as support band for his tour.

2005 Taylor and Fink were reinforced their separate ways and published first solo albums.

In September 2010, her fourth album, Drawing Down the Moon, published.


The rather dark and disturbing lyrics of the duo contrasting with the usually confident therefore coming melodies and very soft, but transparent-looking singing.

Other Projects

Taylor and Fink are active in addition to their cooperation with Azure Ray also in other bands, such as with the bands Bright Eyes and Now It's Overhead.



  • 2001 - Azure Ray ( Hot Records)
  • 2002 - Burn and Shiver ( Hot Records)
  • 2003 - Hold on Love ( Saddle Creek Records)
  • 2008 - Burn & Shiver ( WARM Electronic Records )
  • 2010 - Drawing Down the Moon ( Saddle Creek Records)
  • 2012 - As Above So Below ( Affairs Of The Heart Records)


  • 2002 - Sleep ( Hot Records)
  • 2002 - November ( Saddle Creek Records)


  • 2003 - The Drinks We Drank Last Night ( Saddle Creek Records)
  • 2004 - New Resolution ( Saddle Creek Records)
  • 2011 - Silver Lake ( Saddle Creek Records)