Bright Eyes (band)

Bright Eyes is a 1995 by Conor Oberst (born 15 February 1980) based band project from Omaha, Nebraska.

The band

Bright Eyes was founded as a one- man project of Conor Oberst. Over time, however, were added Mike Mogis and Nate Walcott later as de facto permanent band members. Mogis is also a producer of many Bright Eyes albums.

For studio recordings and tours musician friends are invited to come in large part from the environment of the independent label Saddle Creek. Saddle Creek was founded by the then thirteen- year-old colonel, his brother and some of his friends in 1993. Many of the studio and touring musicians play their part in successful bands such as Cursive, The Faint, Rilo Kiley or Azure Ray.


Bright Eyes is characterized by deeply personal, melancholic, poetic lyrics and a shaky, emotional vocals in conjunction with ever escalating, sometimes precise and ambitious converted songs that often contain elements from the American folk or country music.


Conor Oberst wrote the age of 13 first songs and began to include them. The name " Bright Eyes " was first used in 1997. Early publications such as the album Letting Off the Happiness ( 1998), the EP Every Day and Every Night (1999) and the book published in 2000, Fevers and Mirrors remained at the time of its publication still relatively unknown.

With the published 2002 album Lifted or The Story Is in the Soil, Keep Your Ear to the Ground Bright Eyes reached the U.S. album charts for the first time. Even MTV showed interest in the young singer / songwriter from Nebraska and wanted to invite him to the show TRL. However colonel said from. Besides, he released an album called the Desaparecidos Read Music / Speak Spanish.

Published in January 2005 at Saddle Creek, the two new albums Digital Ash in a Digital Urn, a more electronic pop record, and I'm Wide Awake, It 's Morning, which is more in the classic folk and country tradition. Both conquered immediately top places in the U.S. charts. The Singles Lua and Take It Easy ( Love Nothing) occupied even at the same rank 1 and 2 on the Billboard Hot 100 Single Sales.

Were to tide you over until the next album with Motion Sickness: released a live album and a compilation of rare songs (such as B-sides ) Live Recordings and Noise Floor (Rarities 1998-2005).

In April 2007, still appeared the album Cassadaga. Then Conor Oberst released two more albums, but under the name Conor Oberst Conor Oberst and the Mystic Valley and tape.

On 15 February 2011, finally appeared with The People 's Key a new album from Bright Eyes.





  • Bowl of Oranges (2002)
  • Lover I Do not Have to Love (2002)
  • Lua (January 2005)
  • First Day of My Life (February 2005)
  • Easy / Lucky / Free ( May 2005)
  • Four Winds (March 2007)
  • Hot Knives (July 2007)
  • Coyote Song ( 2010)
  • Shell Games ( February 2011)
  • Jejune Stars (June 2011)