Babel II

Babel II (Japaneseバビル2世, Baberu Nisei ) is a manga series by mitsuteru Yokoyama and basing anime television series from the 1970s. Later, an original video animation, and in 2001 another television series was produced. The work can be classified in the genres of action, adventure, science fiction and shōnen.


The young Koichi learns one day that he has supernatural abilities and is the descendant of aliens Babylon. This was a long time ago on the ground and had built the tower of Babel. Now Koichi to help with the potential of humanity and to protect them from the evil one. When he accepts this task, it also three helpers are set aside: the dragon Ropros, the shapeshifter Roden, usually in the form of a black panther, and the robot Poseidon, who comes from the sea.

Now Koichi has to fight against Yomi, the leader of a secret society who wants to rule the world. Yomi has the ability to impose his will, and also monitored as his subordinates. But with Koichi and his three helpers, this has no effect.


The manga of mitsuteru Yokoyama was published from July 1971 to May 1973 in the shōnen manga magazine Weekly Champion of the publisher Akita Shoten. It was followed by a publication in twelve anthologies.

Anime adaptations

First series

The first series was produced in 1973 by Toei Animation and directed by Kiyohiko Masuda and Shun'ichi Yukimuro. The character design designed Shingo Araki and the music was composed by Shunsuke Kikuchi. Was used for the opening credits of the song Babel Nisei Ichiro Mizuki and the Columbia Yurikago -kai - a collaboration between the children's choir Otowa Yurikago -kai (音羽 ゆりかご 会) with Columbia Music Entertainment Anime songs to sing. The credits were welcomed to Seigi no Chōnōryoku Shōnen by Ichiro Mizuki. The series aired from 1 January 1973 to 24 September 1974 by TV Asahi in Japan.

The website Hulu offered the anime in North America via streaming. In addition, an Italian and a tagalog dubbed version exists.


Original Video Animation

1992 Original Video Animation was released, which again is a new version of the plot of the series. In the production of Hikari Productions Yoshihisa Matsumoto directed. The character design is by Shingo Araki, the script was written Bin Namiki.

The OVA was translated into English, Spanish, French, Italian and Portuguese. A German version was later broadcast in 2001 by K- Toon and Premiere Sci- Fi of Junior. The German synchronization is derived from the synchronous tele film.

Second series

2001 was followed by a second television series, created and directed by Ken Ushikusa the Studio Vega Entertainment. The character design designed Ikuo Shimazu and the music produced Yuichi Orimoto. The first broadcast of the anime took place until 29 December 2001, TV Tokyo from October 6th. This was followed by translations into English as Babel II - Beyond Infinity, French, Spanish and Portuguese.


The German magazine AnimaniA praises the OVA for "successful character designs " and a good summary of manga action on only four episodes. The anime was entertaining, but also graphically appealing with lots of action appropriate. Content meet the OVA with nostalgic elements and an esoteric archaeological- adventure the prevailing taste of the 1990s. The German synchronization was successful. The Anime no Tomodachi means the OVA of 1992 as the most beautiful drawing of Babel II series, but the series from 1973 offers a more original plot.