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BQI - Bakhtiari

The Bakhtiari (Persian: Baḫtiyārī بختيارى ) are a people in southwestern Iran. They are divided into two main groups, adhesion Lang ( 55 sub- tribes ) and Tschar Long ( 24 sub- tribes ) divided. A small portion is still living as nomads of the hats economy. Estimates of the population vary widely. The Encyclopaedia of Islam are the population at 400,000. According to Encyclopædia Iranica, there are about 600,000 Bakhtiari. They inhabit a strip of Isfahan south to Maydan -i Naftun in Khuzestan and bordering nations such as Lurs and Kurds.


The origin of the Bakhtiari is controversial. There are several theories:

  • According to the ethnologist Lorimer their language is Iranian, and their habitat in the mountains prevented the mixing with other peoples such as Arabs and Turks. Iraj Afshar, as an ethnologist who adds that the costume of the women bachtiarischen has great similarities with the garb of Zoroastrierfrauen in the Sassanid era, the language of the Bakhtiari is similar to the Middle Persian of Sassanidenzeiten and no Arabic or Turkish includes. After his conviction, the Bakhtiari are descended from the tribe of the Persians, who in the 6/7 Century BC, mixed with the Elamites.
  • Greek anthropologists claim that the Bakhtiari Greek descent were and had come with Alexander the Great in Iran. Because the Persians said that the Greeks would not have won, but the happiness: was (Persian Bacht ) with them, they were called Bakhtiari ( German: "Happiness haves " / " the lucky ones "). However, many scientists believe that the Bactrians Bakhtiari (Persian: Bāḫtarī ) were who were drawn into the Zagros Mountains.
  • According to the Encyclopaedia of Islam, the Bakhtiari have immigrated in the 10th century from Syria to Iran and were known until the 15th century as Großluren. You are probably Kurdish origin.


The Bachtiarische is attributed to the lurischen dialect cluster. Bachtiarisch tells the Kurdish words and morphological and phonological elements. Bachtiarisch similar within the Iranian languages ​​more the Persian and belongs to the West -Iranian languages. Bachtiarisch is mainly spoken in the Iranian provinces of Chahar Mahal and Bachtiyārī, Lorestan, Ilam, Kohkiluyeh and Buyer Ahmad and parts of Khuzestan and Esfahan.


The name is also included in the Iranian province of Chahar Mahal and Bachtiyārī. On the international stage, especially these names are known.

The Bakhtiari belong to the Shia Islam.

Known Bakhtiari

  • Sardar Assad - a tribal leader and one of the most important figures in the Constitutional Revolution
  • Shapur Bakhtiar - last Prime Minister before the Iranian Revolution
  • Teymur Bakhtiar - General and first intelligence chief of SAVAK
  • Soraya Esfandiary Bakhtiari - Empress
  • Eman Mobali - Iranian football players
  • Mohammad Mossadegh - Prime Minister
  • Amine Nikfar - athlete and Olympian
  • Mohsen Rezai - ex- supreme commander of the Pasdaran and general secretary of the Expediency Council