Beriev MDR-5

The Beriev MDR -5 (Russian Бериев МДР -5, also Berijew MS -5, МС -5) is a twin-engine flying boat in high-deck design of the Soviet Beriev manufacturer. The first flight took place in May 1938.

The engines, which ever drives a metal propeller smudge -3, were at the wing leading edge in NACA hoods. Under the wing support swimmers were installed. The wing itself was attached to the hull with solid struts. The engine and wings were built of metal, only a flap and rudder were fabric covered.

The use should be done as an armed Langstreckenseeaufklärer. The armament consisted of three SchKAS caliber machine gun 7.62 mm. In addition, could be carried a total of 1000 kg of shedding armament.

A total of 1938 two aircraft were built, the second as amphibious aircraft. During testing, the machine proved not seaworthy. The suspension was again removed and the fuselage nose extended about 30 cm.

The flight performance was pleasing, but the range for a maritime patrol aircraft was insufficient. Reason was the much too high curb weight of the machine. Instead, the Tschetwerikow MDR -6 was put into series.

The machines were used until 1943 for transport purposes.