Berlin Radio Symphony Orchestra (East Berlin)

The Rundfunk -Sinfonieorchester Berlin (RSB ) is a traditional Berlin orchestra. It goes back to the first on October 29, 1923 by 20 clock from the Vox -Haus sent musical radio - hour Berlin and initially consisted only of the all-round musician Otto Urack, who played some with individual musicians. A symphonic occupation became the orchestra until the spring of 1925. At nine months older MDR Symphony Orchestra, the Central German Broadcasting Ltd ( Mirag ) participated only on 17 October 1924.

Music from every era of the pre-classic to modern are part of the symphonic repertoire of the orchestra. One focus of the performed works in the music of the 20th century. In cooperation with Germany Radio, the orchestra is about his numerous public concerts in Berlin and abroad also in the studio for radio and CD recordings. Between 2010 and 2013, the 200th year of birth of Richard Wagner, the RSB plans with Marek Janowski concert performance of ten major stage works of Wagner in the Berlin Philharmonic, including the complete Ring Cycle.

The end of 2009 there was a plan for a short time at the start of season 2011/2012 to incorporate the German Symphony Orchestra in Berlin in the Berlin Radio Symphony Orchestra. Chief conductor of the orchestra should Janowski stay. Due to the great resistance by the Policy, the members and the public of the Deutsches Symphonie -Orchester Berlin, the plan was rejected.


The RSB was founded as the Berlin Radio Orchestra on 18 June 1925. Through the initiative of opera singer and radio employee Cornelis Bronsgeest the best musicians of the former Orchestra of the Deutsche Oper people were taken in the theater of the West, who made a professional start.

Many contemporary composers themselves stood on the podium of RSB, such as Paul Hindemith, Arthur Honegger, Darius Milhaud, Sergei Prokofiev, Richard Strauss, Arnold Schoenberg and Igor Stravinsky, as well as Krzysztof Penderecki, Walter Schartner, Udo Zimmermann, Peter Maxwell Davies, Siegfried Matthus, Matthias Pintscher, Peter Ruzicka and Heinz Holliger.

The orchestra gave on May 18, 1945, the first post-war concert in the ruins of Berlin. Later it was the Symphony Orchestra of the GDR radio. It is founded in 1994 broadcasting orchestras and choirs GmbH, a composite of four metropolitan broadcasting orchestras ( RIAS Chamber Choir, Berlin Radio Choir, RSB, DSO), by the Germany radio (40 %), of the Federal Republic of Germany (35 %), the state of Berlin (20 % ) and the Rundfunk Berlin -Brandenburg ( 5%) is jointly.

Chief Conductor

Famous chief conductor of the orchestra were Wilhelm Buschkötter ( 1924-26 ), Bruno Seidler -Winkler ( 1926-32 ), Eugen Jochum ( 1932-34 ), Sergiu Celibidache ( 1945-46 ), Hermann Abendroth ( 1953-56 ), Rolf Kleinert ( 1959-73 ), Heinz Rogner ( 1973-93 ), Rafael Frühbeck de Burgos (1994-2000 ) and since 2002 Marek Janowski.

Awards and recordings

Recordings of the orchestra, especially in contemporary music have received numerous awards, including

  • 2003 Cannes Classical Award: Karl Weigl Apocalyptic Symphony, Thomas Sanderling (Conductor), BIS Records
  • 2003 Echo Classic, Grand Prix du Disque de l' Académie Charles Cros, 2004 Cannes Classical Award: Paul Hindemith The harmony of the world, Marek Janowski (Conductor), WERGO
  • 2004 Prize of the German Record Critics: Sergei Prokofiev Alexander Nevsky, Frank Strobel (Conductor), Capriccio
  • 2005 Prize of the German Record Critics: Alfred Schnittke Film Music I ( The Commissioner, The Story of an Unknown Actor), Frank Strobel (Conductor)
  • 2006 Prize of the German Record Critics: Alfred Schnittke Film Music II, Frank Strobel (Conductor)
  • 2007 Prize of the German Record Critics: Karl Amadeus Hartmann Sinfonia tragica, Marek Janowski (Conductor)
  • 2007 Echo Klassik: Ernst Krenek Sardakai, Reinhard Schmiedel (Conductor), Capriccio
  • 2007 Echo Klassik: Hans Werner Henze Aristaeus, Marek Janowski (Conductor), WERGO

The RSB and Marek Janowski also play a symphonic oeuvre of Hans Werner Henze in cooperation with Germany radio and the label WERGO.


The Berlin Radio Symphony Orchestra (formerly East) is not to be confused with the 1956 to 1993 appearing under the name of Radio - Symphonie- Orchester Berlin (former West Berlin ) Radio Orchestra. This was called in 1993 in the Deutsches Symphonie -Orchester Berlin in order to eliminate the name similarity.