Bettina Bunge

Bettina Bunge ( born June 13, 1963 in Knives in Switzerland) is a former German tennis player.

The blonde right-handed was the daughter of a German businessman in Switzerland. She grew up in Peru, where she was national champion at age 13. Soon after, she moved to Miami. She speaks fluent English, German and Spanish. The sport interested public Bettina Bunge was primarily known for their operations in the Fed Cup. There she played in the 1980s in a strong team with Claudia Kohde - Kilsch, Sylvia Hanika, Eva Pfaff, Claudia Porwik and Steffi Graf. Today Bettina Bunge is active in sports marketing.


Bunge 1978 played their first professional year. In June 1982, she reached the sixth place their best ranking in the WTA world rankings. In 1982, the single won tournaments in the German Open, Houston and Tokyo, and in 1983 in Oakland. In doubles, she won the title in 1986 in Tokyo along with Steffi Graf and 1987 on the side of Manuela Maleewa the Belgian Open.

In the Federation Cup, she played from 1980 to 1983 and again from 1985 and 1987, your balance sheet at 23 team missions. 16 wins with three losses in singles, 11-6 in doubles.

Due to many injuries you was denied a greater career. 1989 ended Bettina Bunge their active career.

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