Black Isle

Geographical location

Black Isle (Scottish Gaelic: Eilean Dubh - t ) is a region in the eastern Highlands of Scotland within the former county of Ross and Cromarty. In English, the name is almost exclusively used in connection with the definite article ( "the Black Isle ").

In Black Isle is the village of Cromarty and Conon Bridge, Muir of Ord, Munlochy, Avoch, Rosemarkie, Fortrose, gates and Culbokie.


Despite the name, the Black Isle is ( German " The Black Island " ) is a peninsula - in Gaelic, the word eilean both an island and a peninsula - and is surrounded on three sides by fjords with water. In the north of the Cromarty Firth, in the south the Beauly Firth and the Moray Firth to the east. The western boundary of the Black Isle is marked by various rivers. The River Conon separates Mary Burgh ( about 1.5 km from Dingwall ) Conon Bridge, which is the first village on the Black Isle, from the north-western side, is. As southwestern boundary is either a small tributary of the River Beauly, the ( Inverness -shire ) and Muir of Ord Beauly separates the village (on the Black Isle and in Ross and Cromarty ) so it also marks the beginning of the Black Isle and the two counties demarcates. Alternatively, the River Beauly itself is viewed as a boundary to the Black Isle, whereby the Beauly Black Isle is attributed, in spite of its official membership of Inverness -shire.


The Black Isle learned as one of the first areas of the northern Highlands agro- economic innovations and was populated by shepherds and lowland farmers, particularly from the Northeast.

In 2002, the island was the scene of a civil protest against genetically-modified agriculture.

In the Moray promotion, there are bottlenose dolphins.

On Black Isle once stood the Chanonry of Ross Castle and the fortress Ormond Castle. Chanonry of Ross was completely destroyed in the 18th century, there are now found no remains. Ormond Castle is today just a small ruin, it was already mid-17th century demolished on the orders of Oliver Cromwell, as this is his own fortress erected in a few miles south of Inverness.


On the Black Isle mainly agriculture and forestry, and tourism is operated. There is the Glen Ord Whisky Distillery and the small brewery Black Isle Brewery Ltd.. , Which produces different beers. On August 1st of each year will be held the Agricultural Exhibition "The Black Isle Show" at Muir of Ord. In addition, Black Isle serves as a residential area for commuters Inverness.