Bobby Bland

Bobby " Blue" Bland ( born January 27, 1930 in Rosemark, Tennessee; actually Robert Calvin Bland, † June 23, 2013 in Memphis, Tennessee) was an American blues and soul singer.


Bland grew up in Memphis (Tennessee ), where he already sang as a teenager in various gospel choirs. Later he joined the rhythm-and - blues band The Beale Streeters. There he also met popular musicians such as Rosco Gordon, Johnny Ace, Junior Parker and Earl Forrest know. This was followed by first studio recordings with Ike Turner. But shortly after his first single - production Army Blues he had in 1951 for military service. 1953 Bland moved to Houston, where he was winner of a talent competition and the single It's My Life recorded.

Thus, the record label Duke Records became aware of him, and in 1957 appeared with Bland Farther Up the Road for the first time in the U.S. pop charts. By 1970, he was almost constantly in the Top 10 of the rhythm-and - blues charts and managed with numerous titles in the top half of the pop charts. Most of his songs were works of composers teams Joe Scott, Don Robey and Deadric Malone. In his live performances Bland was usually accompanied by the gospel girl group The Bland Dolls.

In the early 1970s returned Bland Duke Records the back, after the successes had subsided. Instead, he wrote in 1973 on ABC Records. Although his local debut LP His California Album abolished any significant successes, but got very good reviews. Bland producer Steve Barri highlighted the black blues music now with elements of white rock music. Also on the 1974 production Dreamer can hear this change. The LP Together for the First Time ... Live a live recording with BB King was Bland's hitherto biggest success, reaching gold status. In 1976, Together Again ... Live. This second live album with King reached not so good sales as the first.

In 1979 appeared Bland plates at MCA Records. From there his albums have at least five the rhythm-and - blues charts in the pop charts, he was, however, no longer to be found. He was active now, especially in the show entertainment, which he pocketed some cash. However, his songs were miserable reviews. Nevertheless, many fans showed when he toured in 1982 by Great Britain. 1985 signed with the label Malaco Records of Jackson ( Mississippi) and said goodbye to so from the show business. After he was for a long time without its nickname "Blue" occurred, he took it on again and now also played again, tradition-conscious blues. With the recorded 1989 single Midnight Run he made it again proud for 70 weeks in the rhythm-and - blues charts. After 1990 Bland toured several times with BB King and went still frequently sold-out arenas. His albums Portrait of the Blues (1991) and Years of Tears (1993 ) received excellent reviews.

In 1992, its inclusion in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, and he received a Pioneer Award from the R & B Foundation. At the ceremony of the Grammy Awards in 1997 he received a Grammy for Lifetime Achievement.


Singles ( selection)

With the Beale Streeters

Bobby Bland (all Duke Records)

Bobby " Blue" Bland & Ike Turner & His Orchestra

Bobby Bland and BB King

Everyday I Have The Blues / The Thrill Is Gone


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  • 2004: Live in Memphis


Mick Hucknall ( singer and leader of the group Simply Red ) In the spring of 2008, the solo CD " Hucknall: Tribute to Bobby" released with songs by Bobby Bland.