Brigitte Fossey

Brigitte Fossey ( born June 15, 1946 in Tourcoing ) is a French actress.


She became famous already as a six- year-old in anti-war drama Forbidden Games ( 1952). After their comeback in the late 1960s, she works primarily in auteur cinema. In Germany, among others, Hans W. Geißendörfer in the glass cell. In the early 1980s, it is at the side of Claude Brasseur, Sophie Marceau's mother in La Boum movies.

In 1988, she played the role of older Elena in the long version of Giuseppe Tornatore's film Cinema Paradiso. These scenes were cut from the theatrical version, but may appear in the director's cut in the Italian original language.

She was married to the filmmaker, Jean- François Adam. From this marriage the actress Marie Adam emerged.

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