Byaduk, Victoria

Byaduk is a town in the Shire of Southern Grampians in the Western District of Victoria, Australia. The nearest town is Hamilton.

European settlement began in 1853 by turning over or Sorbs, Lutheran immigrants from the place Neukirch in Lusatia in Saxony. It was a Wendish church that also Neukirch was called and the first settler was Johann Rentsch. Wendish was spoken there until the death of Rentsch in 1915.

The city was named Byaduk, an aboriginal word for stone ax.

The Post Office opened on 1 August 1863.

The Byaduk quarries, lava tubes and volcanic cone of Mount Napier are nearby, as well as the extreme lava flow of the Harman Valley and the lava bubbles at the Old Crusher Road can be considered.