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A Small Boy and a Grey Heaven and Vent (1997 to 2002)

Caliban was formed in Hattingen under the name Never Again in 1997. After six months of playing together, the band recorded two songs for a compilation that was never released. The songs were sent to several record companies. Lifeforce Records Caliban Then took them under contract. The first self-titled single was released in summer 1998. To publicize the CD, Caliban played many gigs throughout Europe and supported, among others, Morning Again, Earth Crisis and Cro -Mags.

After the European tour of 1999, Caliban went into the studio to record their first album, A Small Boy and a Grey Heaven. Shortly after the publication Claus Wilgenbusch left the band for personal reasons and was replaced by Thomas Sielemann. With Sielemann on second guitar Caliban took on four songs for a split with fellow band Heaven Shall Burn. In April 2001, the band released their second album, Vent, which was also released on Empire Records and Howling Bull Records in Japan. She then played at the Beast Feast Festival with bands like Slayer, Pantera, Machine Head, Biohazard and Morbid Angel.

Shadow Hearts, The Opposite from Within and The Undying Darkness (2002 to 2007)

Shadow Hearts, the third album of the band, followed in 2003. A subsequent tour of Japan with Killswitch Engage and Shadows Fall were able to further increase its visibility. In January 2004, the recording of the fourth album, The Opposite from Within began. For this album, they could Anders Fridén, in his frontman with In Flames, winning for production. Remixed by Andy Sneap it was, was already working for bands like Machine Head, Arch Enemy and Killswitch Engage. The Opposite from Within was released in September 2004 with the new label Roadrunner Records.

From September to October 2005, Caliban were in the studio to record their fifth studio album The Undying Darkness. Musically, there were some changes. Particularly striking are the numerous clean sung parts of guitarist Denis Schmidt. The CD reached number 73, which is an extraordinary achievement for a metalcore band in the German charts. In the summer of 2006 the band played at the Wacken Open Air From spring 2007 to summer 2007 played Caliban in the Darkness over Europe- headlining tour with All Shall Perish, Bleeding Through and I Killed the Prom Queen concerts throughout Europe.

The Awakening and Say Hello to Tragedy (2007 to 2009)

On 25 May 2007 appeared Caliban's sixth album, The Awakening. The CD reached # 36 in the German album charts. In summer 2007, Caliban played at many European festivals, including in Germany on the With Full Force and Summerbreeze. From September to October 2007, gave Caliban along with Soilwork, Dark Tranquillity and Sonic Syndicate in the Eastpak Antidote Tour concerts throughout Europe. On 23 October 2007, the album The Awakening then appeared in America via Century Media.

In 2009 changed their label Roadrunner U.S. policy and offered the band a 360 ° deal. This also a part of the revenue from the concerts and merchandising the band's record company would not only have benefited from album sales, but receive. Caliban rejected the offer un stand with Century Media Records in June 2009 under contract. My seventh album Say Hello to Tragedy as the previous album by Benny Richter produced, co-produced by Marc Goertz and mixed by Killswitch Engage guitarist Adam Dutkiewicz. Say Hello to Tragedy appeared in Germany, Austria and Switzerland on 21 August 2009. In other European countries, the album was on 24 August 2009, released in the U.S. on August 25, 2009. The cover artwork for this album was created by Bastian Sobtzick, the frontman of the metalcore band Callejon.

I Am Nemesis and Ghost Empire ( since 2011 )

In May 2011, the EP Coverfield appeared. It includes cover versions of four songs ( Rammstein - "Sonne", Type O Negative - " My Girlfriend 's Girlfriend " The Beatles - " Helter Skelter " and At the Gates - "Blinded By Fear "). 3 February 2012 published Caliban her eighth studio album, I Am Nemesis, which was also offered as a download version. In addition the band of 2 February bis February 25, 2012 was on the Get Infected Tour 2012th In the fall of 2012, the band together with As I Lay Dying, Trivium and Upon a Burning Body on a European tour was.

On October 4, 2013, the video This Oath was released as the final single from the album I Am Nemesis. Subsequently, the band worked on their ninth studio album, Ghost Empire, as well as a DVD that is included with the album as bonus material. Ghost Empire was published on 24 January 2014. For the cover artwork The Art of Christopher Lovell was in charge.



Singles and promo CDs

  • 2003: The Seventh Soul / Scream from the Abyss ( Lifeforce Records)
  • 2004: The Beloved and the Hatred ( Roadrunner Records)
  • 2006: Nothing Is Forever ( Roadrunner Records)
  • 2007: I Will Never Let You Down ( Roadrunner Records)
  • 2007: Life Is Too Short ( Roadrunner Records)
  • 2009: 24 Years / Caliban 's Revenge (Century Media Records )
  • 2012: Sun ( Coverfield EP) ( Century Media Records)
  • 2012: Memorial (Century Media Records )


  • 2014: Ghost Empire - "On Tour with Caliban 2013 " (documentary ) (Century Media Records )

Vinyl / LP / Vinyl