Cheaters (film)

  • Jeff Daniels: Dr. Gerard Plecki
  • Jena Malone: Jolie Fitch
  • Paul Sorvino: Constantine Kiamos
  • Luke Edwards: Darius bettus
  • Blake Heron: Matt Kur
  • Dov Tiefenbach: Irwin Flickas
  • Dan Warry -Smith: Paul Kurgan
  • Anna Raj: Agnieszka Maryniarczyk
  • Dominik Podbielskistraße: Dominik Wesolowski
  • Ned Eisenberg: Robert Clifford
  • Robert Joy: Larry Minkoff
  • Lenka Peterson: Woman Plecki
  • Alex Poch- Goldin: Jerry Marconi
  • Karen Glave: Corrine Davis
  • Marcia Bennett: Joan Isenberg

Cheaters ( Alternative title on TV: The cheater ) is an American film drama from 2000, directed by John Stockwell, who also wrote the screenplay..


The action takes place in 1994. Dr. Gerard Plecki taught in a Chicago high school English. His students come from underprivileged sections of society. Plecki elects seven students who will compete in a competition for a prestigious school. His students steal the prepared by a public authority tasks before starting. Because they achieve much better results than before, an investigation is initiated, exposes the fraud.

Plecki waived his job as a teacher. The title obtained is stripped of his students. The window at the end of texts teach about the future life of the parties: Some of the students studying Plecki was shopkeeper. The president of the school board went to jail for tax evasion.


David Nusair wrote on Reel Film Reviews, the Director is energy- laden, the representations were above average. The plot is captivating.

The lexicon of international film wrote that " for real life " film shot put " no questions about morality or educational goal ," but feels " his sole obligation actually uninteresting story."


John Stockwell was nominated in 2000 as a writer for the Emmy. Blake Heron 2000 was nominated for the Young Star Award. The film was nominated in 2001 as Best TV Movie for a Golden Satellite Award. Eric A. Sears was nominated in 2001 for the Eddie the American Cinema Editors.


The plot is based on events from the year 1995. The team of real existing Dr. Gerald Plecki from the Steinmetz High School Academic Decathlon lost in the Illinois State Championship against the Whitney Young High School at the regional level, but won against the same school the championship. The team was later convicted of fraud by the State Decathlon Committee.

The film was shot in Chicago and Toronto. Some exterior shots of the Chicago schools were carried out without permission.

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