CHIO Aachen

The CHIO Aachen is a 1924 that takes place in Aachen international equestrian competition ( Concours International Horse Show Officiel ). According to the rules of the International Equestrian Federation ( FEI ), each country can only fight a CHIO. Thus, the CHIO Aachen is the only event of its kind in Germany. The organizer is the Aachen Lauren Rennverein eV, which was founded in 1898. The venue is the equestrian stadium Sportpark Soers. Besides the name of the nomenclature for the CHIO tournaments held since 1992 under the name of your choice World Equestrian Festival.

The CHIO Aachen consists of the disciplines of jumping, dressage, driving, and the 2007 inaugural disciplines eventing and vaulting. It is in each case determined a winner in the individual and in the team competition ( Nations Cup ). In the Show Jumping Grand Prix of Aachen will be held as part of the CHIO Aachen, which is the main jumping at each event Sunday.


The first riding and driving tournament of the Aachen Lauren Rennverein - then connected to a horse race - took place on 13 July 1924 under the district administrator of the district of Aachen, Hermann Pütz decisive participation. The annual event since then discharged to the disciplines of jumping, dressage and driving, took in 1927 just six days. This year, the Grand Prix of Aachen was held for the first time, and a special presentation were the daily performances of the Spanish Riding School, who had traveled with twelve Lipizzaner stallions. The August 29, 1939 to be held shortly before the outbreak of the Second World War, of 17 CHIO Aachen was the last until 1946. Starting from 1947 the CHIO Aachen was held back a year.

In 1986 there was again a break since took place in this year's World Championships in show jumping in Aachen. 2015, the 100th German CHIO, there will be, according to media reports, the next interrupt, since the European Championships will be held in five equestrian disciplines in Aachen this year in August. Because this date is CHIO would not take place in Aachen 2015.

Since 2001, every year, an official partner country, which will be presented with special emphasis on local horse culture with various demonstrations and presentations in the program.

According to the World Equestrian Games in 2006, the program of the CHIO Aachen was extended in 2007 by the disciplines of eventing and vaulting ( Eventing ). The cross country was held in the Soers on the World Cup track next to the equestrian stadium. There was first held in 2007, the marathon the carriages within the CHIO, traditionally held up to the World Equestrian Games in Aachen Forest.

In 2008, the other six -day tournament was held for the first time in over 40 years, more than ten days since they had decided to bring forward the vaulting competitions to alleviate the tight program of competitions in the past five disciplines. The has also been maintained in subsequent years.


The Competition Program lasts from Friday to Sunday of the following week. The tests are always held during the day, in the second week of the tournament even checks are also from Wednesday to Saturday evenings conducted under floodlights. Considering the comprehensive program often find tests coincide at the different venues of the tournament grounds.

On Sunday, the first week will be held next to the vaulting competitions Soerser Sunday, on this day with free entry, a show program and an ecumenical service is performed. Just one day earlier finds in the evening with Horse & Symphony skits along with live music by the Symphony Orchestra Aachen. After Monday a day's rest pause is inserted, followed on Tuesday welcoming the partner country at the opening ceremony. The tournament will conclude on Sunday evenings in the second week with the departure of the nations.

The vaulters open annually with the CVIO, the German Nations Cup tournament of their discipline, the CHIO. It is performed in the Albert- Vahle Arena from Friday to Sunday, the first tournament week. It is advertised as a 3 * CVIO.

The Nations Cup Show Jumping Tournament at the CHIO Aachen takes second tournament week from Wednesday to Sunday. The CSIO is advertised as 5 * tournament.

The test carried out on the Thursday evening Nations counted to 2013 always top European League of Nations prices. 2014 is no longer part of the Aachen Nations Cup series, will also perform at a high level regardless of the Nations.

The Grand Prix on Sunday afternoon one of the classics in the show jumping and normally a part of the most valuable show jumping world. In 2013, the first examination was endowed 1,000,000 euros. Together with the Grand Prix of Geneva and Calgary also a sponsored by Rolex bonus is awarded, the " Rolex Grand Slam of Show Jumping ".

The German CDIO is one of the few nations prize tournaments in the dressage world. It is advertised as CDIO 5 * and will be held in the second tournament week from Thursday to Sunday. The Nations' decision takes place in the Grand Prix de Dressage, next to a Grand Prix Spécial and the Grand Prix Freestyle ( Dressage Grand Prix of Aachen ) are provided in the program. Up to four starters are allowed, each with a horse in the CDIO per participating country. The Nations Cup 2013 exam is part of the newly Nations Cup Dressage.

Also for the Four Hand Driver is the CHIO Aachen her German Nations Cup tournament. It will also be held from Wednesday to Sunday. Here, two separate scores will be performed, a single and a team score. The examinations are the driving dressage competition, the obstacle driving as well as the cross-country competition. The site inspection is carried out jointly on Saturday for both ratings.

Since 2007, the Nations Cup tournament in Germany is carried out in eventing in Aachen. This is a CICO 3 *, a versatile short test with single and nations. Ever since the Nations Cup of Eventing 2012 CHIO Aachen is part of this series.

Since 2011, the tests for young show jumpers are disconnected from the CSIO 1 * CSIYH as advertised. The tests for seven - and eight -year-old jumping horses are in the second week from Tuesday to Saturday instead.

In addition to the CDIO also a CDI Tour will be held on 4 * level within the framework of the CHIO Aachen. Here, find tests of Prix St. Georges to the Grand Prix Spécial and a Grand Prix freestyle, these tests are in the second tournament week from Wednesday to Saturday evening on the program. Here are more starters and riders from the CDIO can start with other horses. Both the CDI and the CDIO serve the German Dressage Committee as screening for major international championships of the year (Olympic Games, World and European Championships ).

Besides the established dressage riders the CHIO Aachen also offers ways of starting young dressage riders up to the age of 25 years. The tests of CDIU25 ( Intermediare II and Grand Prix Freestyle ) will be held on Friday and Saturday in the second tournament week.


The results of the last three years in the individual competition:

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