Adelinde Cornelissen

Adelinde Cornelissen ( born July 8, 1979 in hatchets ) is a Dutch dressage rider.

Cornelissen with Parzival in January 2013 Second dressage world ranking of FEI. Previously, both were end of 2009, three months in a row ( 104th to 106th world ranking), July 2011 to September 2012 and in November and December 2012 at the top of world rankings.


Adelinde Cornelissen was born in 1979. Her parents were both working as teachers. At the age of six years Cornelissen started with riding, first on ponies. With Ayesha, a Welsh pony, she had her first tournament successes. With this Pony, she won both the Dutch " open-air" in 1995 - as well as the indoor championship of pony dressage riders (Z2 dressage ). With the ponies Whitsun (a son of Ayesha ) and Mr. Pride, she won the provincial championship of Drenthe. In 1997, she won with Mr. Pride both Dutch Dressage Championships Class Z1.

After completing her schooling she started to study English. One year after starting her studies she had the opportunity to take up a position at a new barn in Canada. She decided to terminate the study when they would return to the Netherlands.

After she rode in a row, more horses on Z2- level, they got the opportunity to ride Parzival. With this, it achieved from 2004 several national successes (2004: Dutch reserve champion class ZZ- Light, February 2005: Dutch reserve champion class ZZ- heavy early 2006. 4th place in the Dutch Championship, Track Tour, February 2007: Dutch indoor Champion in the Grand Prix tour ). Also in 2007, she performed with Parzival their first international test in the stallion tournament in Zwolle (CDI 3 *). Your first start in an international audit abroad it had at CDIO 3 * Falsterbo in July 2007, where she was behind, Jan Brink in the Grand Prix and the Grand Prix Spécial each second with Parzival. In 2008 she was with Parzival second at the Dutch Indoor Championships and first at the Dutch championship.

After her studies she worked as an English teacher in Meppel to March 2008. Then she decided to fully concentrate this year on the sport, including the preparation for the Olympic Games, for which she was nominated as a reserve rider. The following winter she planned to participate in the first World Cup final, but this failed due to a violation of Parzival. They erritt your biggest success in the summer of 2009, when it was freestyle with Parzival European Champion in Grand Prix Spécial and Vice - European Champion in Grand Prix. In the winter of 2009/2010 she finished second at the World Cup finals.

In Drenthe Cornelissen was elected in the years 2007 to 2009 Sportswoman of the Year.

Your sponsor since January 2010, the logistics group Jerich International. Its head Herbert Jerich acquired a 50 percent stake in Parzival and Cornelissen was thus the opportunity to ride this until at least 2013. In April 2010, she lost her four -year-old young horse Brentano, which was hit by a car and seriously injured.

At the World Equestrian Games 2010 in Lexington, she started with Parzival as part of the Dutch team. In the Grand Prix, the team classification test and was abgeläutet and disqualified during the test because of a bloody mouth of the horse. The Dutch coach Sjef Janssen stated this, he suspect that Parzival had bitten the Back up on the tongue. Adelinde Cornelissen was so scratch result for the Dutch team that won the gold medal in the team competition.

The year 2011 began for Adelinde Cornelissen after several victories in the World Cup trials with the victory in the World Cup finals. At the European Championships in Rotterdam this continued when she won as best Dutch rider bronze with the team and in the individual competition won both gold medals. In 2012, she again won the World Cup final with Parzival.

Your first Olympic participation was Adelinde Cornelissen at the Summer Olympics in 2012. Here it reached Parzival the team bronze medal and won silver in the individual competition. The chief judge of the examination, Stephen Clarke from the United Kingdom, founded the victory of Charlotte Dujardin: " In Adelinde Cornelissen horse we missed the ease and self-latching. Today it was a decision for the harmony of Charlotte and Valegro. "This victory was justified, even though many observers had the ride Cornelissens considered athletic and expressive.

With Parzival they occupied at the World Cup finals in 2013 to second place in the European Championships in 2013 they won team silver and bronze in both scores.

The operated on dressage barn, situated in Spier.

Current and former show horses

  • Jerich Percival (born 29 May 1997), KWPN gelding, Sire: Jazz, Mother Father: Ulft

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