Liselott Linsenhoff

Liselott Linsenhoff ( born August 27, 1927 in Frankfurt am Main; † August 4, 1999 in Juan -les -Pins, France ), born Schindling, was the daughter of Adolf Schindling and owner of the VDO speedometer works and a German dressage rider.

In addition to Josef Neckermann Liselott Linsenhoff was for decades the dominant dressage rider in Germany. At the Olympic Equestrian Games 1956 in Stockholm ( the Olympic Games were held in Melbourne, but due to the entry requirements for horses in Australia had the equestrian competitions take place in Europe ), she won the silver medal in the dressage team and the bronze medal in singles.

In the Summer Olympics 1968 in Mexico City then won with the team the gold medal with her ​​stallion Piaf, who in Munich should contribute to the singles gold medal in 1972. Of success was rounded off in Munich by the silver medal with the team. Thus she won in Munich as the first woman Olympic singles gold medal in dressage. At the same time she was the hitherto oldest Olympic gold medal winner at the age of 45 years and 13 days. In 1975, she ended her career.

Liselott Linsenhoff was married from 1950 to 1975 with Fritz Linsenhoff and was called after their separation again Liselott Schindling. In 1981 she married the entrepreneur Klaus Rheinberger and then was Schindling Rheinberger.

On September 12, 1990, she was awarded the Order of Merit of the Hessian.

Her daughter Ann Kathrin Linsenhoff was until her health-related retirement from competitive sport in 2007 (Lyme disease ) is one of Germany's most successful dressage riders.

The legacy for dressage is the Liselott - Schindling Foundation for the Promotion of German dressage equestrian sport. Each year, inter alia, the junior championship of pony dressage rider ( max. 16 years) discharged. Furthermore, named after her Swedish warmblood piaffe Award will be out riding. On top class equestrian events in Germany and the final in Stuttgart ride to 25 -year-old in this series.