Nicole Uphoff

Nicole Uphoff - Selke ( born January 25, 1967 in Duisburg) is a former dressage rider. She was one of the most successful German dressage riders and won, among others, four Olympic gold medals on the exceptional horse Rembrandt.


Since August 2007, Nicole Uphoff is married and took the last name Uphoff - Selke. She is a mother of two. In addition to the care of their children, it operates jointly with her husband, a marketing firm.

In the years 2005 and 2009 it supported along with other celebrities in advertisements, the chancellor candidacy of Angela Merkel.

Sports career

Nicole Uphoff has been active since early youth in equestrian sport. After graduation in 1986, she trained to shipping clerk at the company Walrhein in Duisburg. In their secondary school graduation, Dr. Uwe Schulten -Baumer took over her training.

At the Olympic Games in Seoul in 1988 and also at the 1992 Olympics in Barcelona, she won the individual competition and with the German team the gold medal in dressage, each with Rembrandt. With Sir Lenox, she won the first final of the 1992 Nuremberg Castle Cup. In 1993, Uphoff took with Grand Gilbert participated in the European Championships and won individual gold at the Grand Prix Freestyle.

She was not nominated by the German Olympic Committee for Equestrian for the 1996 Olympic Games in Atlanta in 1996, but still stood as the defending champion. Rembrandt was injured during the competition, and so his rider pulled him back out of the competition. In the same year it adopted Rembrandt from the sport.

After working on the stud Vorwerk in Cappeln, the country teaching institution in Vechta and on the farm Good luck in Hunxe Nicole Uphoff trained their horses since June 2005 in an equestrian facility in Duisburg area.

After the birth of her first child she got from the year 2004, the opportunity to ride several Iberian horses and continue to train. These included Oteo with which they again rode up to Grand Prix level and Relampago do Retiro, under the Hayley Beresford started in the Olympic Games, 2008. In 2007 she finished her second pregnancy due to their equestrian activities, therefore the horses were returned to their owners. She herself explained this in an interview:

"I have lived 20 years only for the equestrian sport. Well ... I want my family to live and enjoy. I want my children not to give in charge to ride. "

In the private sector, however, Nicole Uphoff rides yet. So they got a few weeks after the birth of her second child conveys a horse, initially with the aim to become active again in the equestrian sport. Of these, saw them off, however, as they lost in the peak horse riding confidence.

With the riding she is still connected to an existing 1991 Youth Cup in the Rhineland, for which the company of the family Uphoff - Selke is the title sponsor for several years. In addition, it is the television sporadically, so at the CHIO Aachen, as an expert available.


To 1977 Woodland Fairy - Duisburg Homberg Reiterverein

  • Rembrandt ( * 1977, † 2001), Westfalen gelding, Sire: Romadour II, Mother Father: Angelo
  • Grand Gilbert ( b. 1982 ), the Rhineland chestnut gelding, Sire: Lucky clover, Mother Father: dilettante
  • Sir Lenox (* 1984, † 1998), brown Hanoverian gelding, Sire: Shogun xx
  • Oteo (* 1998), Pura Raza Española - gray stallion, father: Binguero
  • Relampago do Retiro (* 1997, † 2011), brown Lusitano stallion, father: Luar, Mother Father: Argonauta, euthanized in June 2011 due to serious injuries in a traffic accident


  • Olympic games Gold medal ( team): 1988, 1992
  • Gold Medal ( Individual Competition ): 1988, 1992
  • World Championships Gold medal ( team): 1990, 1994
  • Gold Medal ( Individual Competition ): 1990
  • Silver medal ( individual competition ): 1994
  • European Championships Gold medal ( team): 1989, 1991, 1995
  • Gold Medal ( Individual Competition ): 1989
  • Silver medal ( individual competition ): 1991
  • German Championships Gold Medal: 1988, 1989, 1993
  • Silver Medal: 1994, 1995
  • Bronze Medal: 1996
  • European Championships for Young Riders Gold medal ( team): 1987
  • Gold Medal ( Individual Competition ): 1987