Rosemarie Springer

Rosemarie Springer ( divorced Alsen, born July 5, 1920 in Gdansk as Rosemarie Lawrence ) is a former German dressage rider, who became the German league title five times and in 1960 took part in the Olympic Games in Rome. From 1953 to 1961 she was the third wife of the publisher Axel Springer.


Rosemarie Alwine Anneliese Lawrence was born in 1920, the eldest of three children of Lorenz Werner Lorenz and Charlotte, born Ventzki. Your father Werner Lorenz, who had married her mother ten months before the birth in September 1919, was a Pomeranian landowner 's son, who had fought as an officer in World War I and then in a volunteer corps in the East Border Protection. Her mother Charlotte Lorenz came from a wealthy and socially upstanding family in the West Prussian Graudenz, which now belonged to Poland. With the money his wife Werner Lorenz acquired the estate Mariensee in the territory of the Free City of Danzig, where Rosemarie was growing up. Your parents sent Rosemarie together with her younger sister Jutta (* 1922) to a girls' boarding school in England, where they met with members of the European Society. Your father Werner Lorenz made ​​career in the SS and took it as an SS Obergruppenführer up to the general and the conductor for the German people Mittelstelle. A contemporary of describing the Lorenz daughters in 1942 as "wild beauties with long legs [ ... ], darlings of the Chancellor [ie Hitler ] and debutantes, which stood out in the whole of Germany occupied Europe, these beautiful spoiled children [ ... ] ". Rosemarie Lorenz spoke perfect English and French and traveled as a child from Gdansk with her parents to leave after Sylt.

In his first marriage was Rosemarie Lorenz with the Hamburg cement producer Horst -Herbert Alsen (1918-2001) married, owner of Alsen'schen Portland-Cement Factories at Itzehoe, which is part of Holcim today. Horst -Herbert Alsen was friends with Axel Springer, the so Rosemarie Alsen met. Rosemarie separated from her first husband to marry Springer 1953. The marriage remained childless. In her wedding Axel Springer and Rosemarie bought for 45,000 DM a thatched house in Kampen by Annemarie Seidel, the architect Otto Heinrich Strohmeyer was built in 1929 for the musicologist Anthony van Hoboken and his wife Anne Marie " Mirl " Seidel. Seidel held in 1935 in second marriage Peter Suhrkamp married, with a portion of the redeemed by Springer earned money now the rights for the complete German edition of Marcel Proust.

As equestrian Rosemarie Springer was discovered in 1950 in Berlin. There she met at a tournament the jumpers Hans Günter Winkler, who recognized her talent and recommended her to the dressage coach Willi Schultheis. In 1960, she won for the first time the German championship in dressage. In the same year she took part in the Olympic Games in Rome, but only reached a disappointing seventh place in dressage. In 1961 she was divorced from Axel Springer, who left her for Helga Springer, born Ludewig. Helga Springer was married before as well as Rosemarie Springer with Horst -Herbert Alsen. Until 1965, Rosemarie Springer won four more times the German championship in dressage. In 1966 she won the German Dressage Derby in small Flottbeck.

After her playing days, she dealt to her estate Halloh in Bad Bramstedt, north of Hamburg, with the breeding of Trakehner and trained himself dressage riders. One of the even ridden by her success with dressage horses - Thyra v. Trebonius - was a Trakehner. Also DLG awarded preferred milk they produced on Good Halloh, where she still lives today. Even at the age of 90 years Rosemarie Springer gave riding lessons and went skiing in the Alps.