Sven Rothenberger

Sven- Guenter Rothenberger ( born June 1, 1966 in Frankfurt am Main ) is a German and Dutch entrepreneur and former dressage rider.


Sven Rothenberger visited the Humboldt School in Bad Homburg. After high school he studied business administration. He finished his training with a doctorate.

In equestrian sports, he first went to Germany. He won in 1990 with Andiamo be the first German World Cup. For family reasons, he moved in 1994 to the Netherlands to ride with his wife Gonnelien in a team. In Atlanta in 1996, they were the first couple who could together win a silver medal at the Olympic Games.

Even the children are active in equestrian sports. Daughter Sanneke Rothenberger won in the age groups of the Pony Riders, Juniors and Young Riders medals at German and European Championships Dressage. The nearly two years younger son Sönke Rothenberger won the Pony Riders also medals at German and European Championships for dressage riders, but now focuses on the jumping. Both start in the sport for Germany.

At the World Equestrian Games 2010 Rothenberger worked as co- commentator for the dressage transfers to Euro Sport.


Entrepreneurial activities,

Rothenberger is a board of a.a.a. aktiengesellschaft general investment management in Frankfurt am Main and the Diskus Werke AG. He also earned 2010 Melita vinegar factory.