European Dressage Championship

The European Championships in dressage are aligned by the FEI since 1963, they find every two years. As customary in equestrian competitions, the competitions are not separated by gender.


Until 1991, the European Championships from audits Grand Prix and Grand Prix Spécial passed. Since 1991, the Grand Prix Freestyle is beyond ( internationally as Grand Prix Freestyle referred to ) contain, in the ridden to music. The team competition will be decided at the Grand Prix, the same serves this as a qualification for the Grand Prix Spécial. 1991 and 1993, the Grand Prix Spécial and the Grand Prix Freestyle two separate individual events, that is, were you could only start in one of the two tests. 1995 to 2005 there was only one single competition in the rating received all three tests, the Grand Prix Spécial served as qualifiers for the Grand Prix Freestyle. Since 2007 there are again two individual competitions. The Grand Prix Freestyle in turn may be ridden only by the best of the Grand Prix Spécial, it is now also possible to win two individual medals. For the individual events count only the results of the examination ( or Spécial Freestyle).


Official European Championships were introduced in dressage until 1963 and thus later than in the two other Olympic equestrian disciplines. From the 1950s, however, the " FEI Grand Prix" was held at different venues already once a year. The winners won with the victory in a state that came close to that of a European Champion.

In the first year of the official European Championships was allowed to start on two horses a rider, which also included the possibility that a participant won two medals. Henri Chammartin could use this possibility with his horses Wolf Dietrich and Woerman and won the gold and bronze medal.

In this first held the British team would have won the team classification ahead of Romania. However, since the other nations brought up to two riders at the start ( for a team are three tabs needed) and at least three teams were required according to the regulations, no team medals were awarded. Beginning with the European 1965, the West German team won the team gold medal at every discharge. Only in 2007 ended this era, it came with the Dutch for the first time another team to win the team championship.

By the year 1967, the European Championships Dressage Championships were held as open, so it could take up non-European rider to win the medals and titles. 1995 could start non-European participants, but neither win nor Medals title. Since the 2003 European Championships at the same time were a qualifying tournament for the 2004 Olympic Games, the FEI decided to award all the medals twice - once for intra-European and one for an open European Championship. The open medals went to Ulla Salzgeber on Rusty (gold), Lisa Wilcox on Relevant ( silver ) and Jan Brink on Briar 's Bjorsell 899 (bronze).

In addition to the Western European countries and the Soviet Union was a strong dressage nation that won multiple medals at the European Dressage Championships until the last date of attendance in 1991. At the sweeps in 1969 and 1971, the German Democratic Republic took part. Due to the high costs compared to the medal haul of the horsemen of the GDR, the equestrian promotion after the Olympic Games 1972 in the GDR has been set, however.

Individual classification

From 2007


1991 and 1993


Team classification

Fabienne Meier Liitke D' Agostino Isabell Werth Don Johnson FRH Kristina Sprehe Desperados FRH Helen Langehanenberg Damon Hill NRW

Danielle Heijkoop Siro Hans Peter Minderhoud Romanov Edward Gal Undercover Adelinde Cornelissen Parzival

Gareth Hughes Nadonna Michael George Eilberg Half Moon Delphi Carl Hester uthopia Charlotte Dujardin Valegro

Emile Faurie Elmegardens Marquis Charlotte Dujardin Valegro Carl Hester uthopia Laura Bechtolsheimer Mistral Hojris

Sander Marijnissen Moedwill Hans Peter Minderhoud Nadine Edward Gal Sisther de Jeu Adelinde Cornelissen Parzival

Imke Schellekens - Bartels Sunrise Adelinde Cornelissen Parzival Anky van Grunsven Salinero Edward Gal Moorlands Totilas

Maria Eilberg Two Sox Carl Hester Liebling II Laura Bechtolsheimer Mistral Hojris Emma Hindle Lancet

Hans Peter Minderhoud Exquis Nadine Laurens van Lieren Hexagon 's Ollright Anky van Grunsven Salinero Imke Schellekens - Bartels Sunrise

Monica Theodorescu Whisper Ellen Schulten -Baumer Donatha S Nadine Capellmann Elvis VA Isabell Werth Satchmo

Per Sandgaard Orient Louise Nathhorst Isidor Tinne Vilhelmsson - Silfven Solos Carex, Jan Brink Björsells Briar

Laurens van Lieren Hexagon 's Ollright Edward Gal Lingh Anky van Grunsven Salinero Sven Rothenberger Barclay II

Ignacio Rambla Distiguido 2 José Ignacio López Nevado Santa Clara Juan Antonio Jiménez Guizo Beatriz Ferrer-Salat Beauvalais

Ulla Salzgeber Rusty Heike Kemmer Bonaparte Klaus Husenbeth Piccolino Isabell Werth Satchmo

Beatriz Ferrer-Salat Beauvalais Rafael Soto Andrade invader Ignacio Rambla distinguido Juan Antonio Jiménez Guizo

Emma Hindle Wie Weltmeyer Nicola McGivern Active Walero Richard Davison Ballaseyr Royale Emile Faurie Rascher Hopes

Nadine Capellmann Colourful Heike Kemmer Albano 7 Ulla Salzgeber Rusty 47 Isabell Werth Anthony FRH

Ellen Bontje Gestion Silvano N Arjen Teeuwissen Gestion Goliath T Gonnelien Rothenberger Jonggor 's Weyden Anky van Grunsven Gestion Idool

Jon Pedersen Esprit De Valdemar Lone Jørgensen FBW Kennedy Lars Petersen Blue Hors Cavan Nathalie zu Sayn -Wittgenstein Fantast S

Nadine Capellmann Gracioso 008 Alexandra Simons -de Ridder Chacomo 003 Ulla Salzgeber Rusty Isabell Werth Antony FRH

Anky van Grunsven Gestion Bonfire Ellen Bontje Gestion Silvano N Coby van Baalen Olympic Ferro Arjen Teeuwissen Yakumo 's Goliath T

Lone Jørgensen FBW Kennedy Lars Petersen Blue Hors Cavan Jon Pedersen Esprit d' Valdemar Anne van Olst cooking Any how

Isabell Werth Gigolo FRH Karin Rehbein Donnerhall Ulla Salzgeber Rusty Nadine Capellmann Gracioso

Sven Rothenberger Jonggor 's Weyden Gonnelien Rothenberger Olympic Bo Anky van Grunsven Gestion Bonfire Ellen Bontje Gestion Silvano N

, Jan Brink Kleber Martini Louise Nathhorst LRF Walk on Top Annette Solmell Flyinge Strauss Ulla Håkansson Flyinge Bobby

Nicole Uphoff -Becker Rembrandt Borbet Klaus Balkenhol Gold Star Isabell Werth Gigolo FRH Martin Schaudt Durgo

Tineke Bartels -de Vries Olympic Barbria Ellen Bontje Gestion Silvano N Sven Rothenberger Olympic Bo Anky van Grunsven Cameleon Bonfire

Dominique Brieussel acacia Dominique d' Esme Arnoldo Thor Margit Otto -Crépin Lucky Lord Marie- Helene Syre Marlon

Isabell Werth Gigolo FRH Monica Theodorescu Grunox Tecrent Klaus Balkenhol Gold Star Nicole Uphoff Herrmann 's Grand Gilbert

Emile Faurie Virtu Laura Fry Quarryman Richard Davison MasterCard JCB Ferdi Eilberg Arun Tor

Gonnelien Rothenberger Ideaal Suzanne van Cuyk Mr Jackson Leida Strijk Boll W Vorm 's Jewel Jeanette Haazen Windsor J H

Isabell Werth Gigolo FRH Nicole Uphoff Rembrandt Borbet Klaus Balkenhol Gold Star Sven Rothenberger Andiamo

Nina Menkova Dikson Yuri Kowschow Buket Inna Zhurakovskaya Podgon Olga Klimko Shipovnik

Anky van Grunsven Olympic Bonfire Sjef Janssen Bo Tineke Bartels -de Vries Olympic Duphar 's corage Ellen Bontje Olympic larius

Nicole Uphoff Rembrandt 24 Ann -Kathrin Linsenhoff courage Isabell Werth Weingart Monica Theodorescu ganimedes

Nina Menkova Dikson Yuri Kowschow Bukot Olga Klimko Shipovnik Olga Udodenko

Otto Hofer Andiamo Daniel Ramseier Random Samuel Schatzmann Rochus Ulrich Lehmann Xanthos

Ann -Kathrin Linsenhoff courage Johann Hinnemann Ideaal Herbert Krug Floriano Gina Capellmann ampere

Daniel Ramseier Orlando CH Otto Hofer Limandus Ulrich Lehmann Xanthos Christine Stückelberger Gauguin de Lully CH

Annemarie Sanders- Keijzer Aubert Tineke Bartels Bert Rutten

Reiner Klimke Ahlerich Tilmann Meyer to Erpen Tristan Uwe Sauer Montevideo Uwe Schulten -Baumer Madras

Anne Grethe Jensen Marzog Ernst Jessen Why Not Torben ULSO -Olsen Patricia Frisman

Olga Klimko Jelena Petuschkowa Yuri Kowschow Lanugin

Uwe Schulten -Baumer Madras Uwe Sauer Montevideo Herbert Krug Muscadeur Reiner Klimke Ahlerich

Anne Grethe Jensen Marzog Finn Saksø -Larsen Coc D'Or Torben ULSO -Olsen Patricia René Igelski Baloo

Otto Hofer Limandus Claire cook Beau Geste II Christine Stückelberger agate Amy -Catherine de Bary Aintree

Uwe Schulten -Baumer Madras Gabriela Grillo Galapagos Reiner Klimke Ahlerich

Christine Stückelberger garnet II Amy -Catherine de Bary Aintree Ulrich Lehmann Vidin

Yuri Kowschow Wera Misewitsch Nenachova

Gabriela Grillo Ultimo Harry Boldt Woyceck Uwe Schulten -Baumer Slibowitz

Viktor Ugrumow Irina Karatzheva Jelena Petuschkowa

Christine Stückelberger garnet II Amy -Catherine de Bary Aintree Ulrich Lehmann Vidin

Harry Boldt Woyceck Gabriela Grillo Ultimo Uwe Schulten -Baumer Slibowitz

Christine Stückelberger garnet II Ulrich Lehmann Vidin Claire cook Scorpio

Irina Karatzheva Kopeykin Wera Misewitsch

Harry Boldt Woyceck Karin Schlüter Liostro Ilsebill cup Mitsouko

Ivan Kalita Kopeykin Jelena Petuschkowa

Christine Stückelberger garnet II Ulrich Lehmann Vidin Doris Ramseier Roch

Reiner Klimke Mehmed Karin Schlüter Liostro Liselott Linsenhoff Piaffe

Ivan Kalita Ivan Kisimow Jelena Petuschkowa

Christine Stückelberger Merry Boy II Marita Aeschbacher Kharlamp Hermann Dür Sod

Liselott Linsenhoff Piaffe Reiner Klimke Dux Josef Neckermann Mariano

Ivan Kalita Ivan Kisimow Jelena Petuschkowa

Maud Rosén Lucky Boy Ulla Håkansson Ajax Lindgren

Liselott Linsenhoff Piaffe Reiner Klimke Dux Josef Neckermann Mariano

Horst Köhler Wolfgang Müller Gerhard Brockmüller

Ivan Kalita Ivan Kisimow Jelena Petuschkowa

Reiner Klimke Dux Harry Boldt Remus Josef Neckermann Mariano

Kopeykin Ivan Kisimow Jelena Petuschkowa

Henri Chammartin Wolf Dietrich Marianne Gossweiler Stephan Hansrüdi Thomi Mecca

Reiner Klimke Arcadius Harry Boldt Remus Josef Neckermann Antoinette

Henri Chammartin Wolf Dietrich Gustav Fischer forest Marianne Gossweiler Stephan

Ivan Kalita Ivan Kisimow Jelena Petuschkowa