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Herning [ hɛʀneŋ ] is a city in Herning in Jutland, Denmark, and belongs to Region Midtjylland ( Central Jutland ).


The town was founded as a railway junction in the early 20th century. Herning is therefore a young city without medieval buildings. Herning is the center of the Danish textile industry and location of several major trade shows, among other things, a textile fair. The art museum with the colossal sculpture Elia nearby is worth seeing.

As part of the Danish structural reform merged on 1 January 2007 the municipalities Aulum - Haderup, Trehøje and Aaskov with the former Herning Kommune ( 1970-2006: 541.61 km ²), which includes the city of Herning, Herning Municipality to the new ( 1323, 5 km ²) together.



  • Herning Blue Fox - Hockey Club was established in 1947, is currently the Danish giants.

Sports events

1987 gymnaestrada was held in Herning. From 6 to 12 July 1997, the XI in Herning. International Fire Brigade Competitions CTIF (Fire Olympics) performed. In the program were Traditional International Fire Brigade Competitions, International Fire Brigade Sporting Competitions and International Youth Fire Brigades Competitions. After 1996, Badminton Championships was also held here in 2008. From 21 the Wrestling World Championships were held in the Exhibition Centre until 27 September 2009. In the European Handball Championship 2010 Women MCH Multi Arena in Herning was the venue of the first main round group and of finals. The Giro d' Italia 2012 started on May 5, with an individual time trial in Herning, the next day was a flat stage with start and end point instead of in Herning. In 2013, Herning will host the European Championships in show jumping and dressage. On the last weekend in July, a Euro Cup run in the Tractor Pulling takes place in Herning annually. In addition, the European Tractor Pulling in was aligned in the years 1993, 2000 and 2007 in Herning. In January 2014, the MCH Multi Arena was one of four venues for the European Handball Championship 2014 men. There, among other things, the preliminaries of the Danish team as well as the semi-finals and the finals were held.

Sons and daughters of the town

  • Frits Nielsen ( born 1952 ), ice hockey player and coach
  • January Linnebjerg (* 1960), actor
  • Bjarne Riis (born 1964 ), cyclist
  • Anne- Grethe Bjarup Riis (born 1965 ), actress and director
  • Søren Pind (* 1969), politician and member of the Folketing
  • Michael Blaudzun (born 1973 ), cyclist
  • Kenneth Jonassen ( born 1974 ), badminton player
  • Peter Lodahl ( b. 1974 ), opera singer
  • René Jørgensen ( b. 1975 ), cyclist
  • Nicki Sørensen ( born 1975 ), cyclist
  • Thomas Bredahl ( born 1980 ), musician
  • Christoffer Kjærgaard ( born 1980 ), ice hockey player
  • Jesper Brian Nøddesbo (* 1980), handball players
  • Brian Vandborg ( b. 1981 ), cyclist
  • Frans Nielsen ( born 1984 ), ice hockey player
  • Linda Villumsen ( born 1985 ), cyclist
  • Peter Regin ( born 1986 ), ice hockey player
  • Mads Christensen ( * 1987), ice hockey player