Edward Gal

Edward Gal ( born March 4, 1970 in Rheden ) is a Dutch dressage rider.

Gal with Totilas led in June 2011, the world ranking of FEI to several months after the sale of Totilas. In October 2013 he was undercover fourth in the world rankings, with three other horses, he was also found in this ranking.


Edward Gal was born the son of a car dealer in Rheden in the Netherlands Gelderland. His family never had anything to do with horses in his own words, yet he wanted to ride what he implemented at the age of fourteen. At the age of 17 he got his first pony and focused then on to the dressage.

After leaving school, he started with a degree in economics, but this has given up after a year in favor of the cavalry. Mid-1990s, he reached the fourth place in Kappuccino " PAVO Cup", the Dutch Championships for young dressage horses. He also won the Dutch championship with Kappuccino ( moderate rating ). In the years 1999 and 2001 he won four silver medals in the various rating levels of the Dutch Championships. In 1999, he also took his first international test in the Dutch Nunspeet. In 2002, he won the championship title with Lingh in the Light Tour of the Dutch Championships.

In 2003, the breakthrough came in Gals career. He won several tests with Lingh and was admitted in a row in the Dutch championship squad. This year he was part of a Dutch team for the first time at an international championship and reached with the Dutch team's 4th place at the European Championships in Hickstead. In the individual competition he reached the 29th place with Lingh. In the following winter he reached with Lingh second place in the World Cup Final in Dusseldorf in 2004. This year he was Dutch champion in the senior for the first time ( with Lingh ).

In November 2006 Lingh was sold ( until now owned by a Dutch industrialist ) to an American dressage rider. As a result, he focused beside his horse Gribaldi on his young horses and set Next One and Sisther de Jeu at Grand Prix level before.

In summer 2009, he suggested, among other things Anky van Grunsven, who along with Isabell Werth to the year 2008, the international dressage competitions largely dominated, at the Dutch Championships. With the then nine year old stallion Totilas which has been designated as the new " wonder horse ", he won it with an average of 81.394 %. At the European Championships in 2009 Gal and Totilas reached with the team gold medal and the Grand Prix Spécial the silver medal. In the Grand Prix Freestyle, they also reached the gold medal, with a score of 84.085 % in the Grand Prix de Dressage and a score of 90.750 % in the Grand Prix Freestyle placed them so that two world records.

On 16 December 2009 Gal topped with Totilas his own world record when he won the Weltcupkür in London Olympic Hall with 92.300 %. He also won the end of March 2010, the World Cup Final Dressage and in May 2010 the riders rating the World Dressage Masters 2009/10. Also the Dutch championship defended Gal in 2010 with Totilas. A third world record set Gal and Totilas on as part of the CHIO Aachen. Here they won the Grand Prix Spécial the CDIO 5 * with 86.458 %

At the World Equestrian Games 2010 Edward Gal and Totilas won with the Netherlands gold in the team competition and gold in the individual competition at the Grand Prix Spécial and in the Grand Prix Freestyle.

Also, another medalist in dressage competitions at the World Equestrian Games in 2010, comes from the stable of Edward Gal: Ravel, the horse who was born in Wesel and emigrated to the U.S. rider Steffen Peters was before it bought Peters sponsors, presented by Edward Gal to St. George and prepared for his first appearances at Grand Prix level.

According to the World Equestrian Games 2010 Totilas was sold by Gals sponsors. At the World Cup finals 2011, he was with Sisther de Jeu fourth. With the same horse he was second in the 2011 Dutch Championships. In June 2012, Gal was with his new champion dressage horse Undercover Netherlands, in March 2013 he was with Next One Dutch Indoor Champion in the heavy tour. A month later, he finished with undercover at the World Cup Final in Gothenburg third.


Edward Gal lives in Harskamp, where he runs a training and show barn with his ex-wife Nicole Werner and trainer. His life partner is the Dutch dressage rider Hans Peter Minderhoud.

Early February 2012, it was announced that Edward Gal and Hans Peter Minderhoud have signed a sponsorship agreement with the Austrian businessman Gaston Glock for a period of ten years. Gal, Minderhoud and Werner will be resident for four months a year in the Glock Horse Performance Center in Treffen, in the Netherlands an eponymous show stable to be established.

Competition Horses


  • Interfloor Next One (* 1995, originally Nutopia ), brown KWPN gelding, Sire: Jazz, Mother Father: Le Mexico
  • Glock 's Undercover (* 2001), KWPN black gelding, Sire: Ferro, mother father Donnerhall


  • I.P.S. Gribaldi (* 1993, † 2010), Trakehner black stallion, father: Kostolany, Mother Father: Ibikus, 5 February 2010 retired from the sport, died on 14 February 2010 at a Aortenabriss
  • Lingh (* 1993), brown KWPN stallion, Father: Columbus sold, in November 2006 to Karin Reid Offield: Flemmingh, mother father
  • Sisther de Jeu (* 1999), brown KWPN mare, Sire: Gribaldi, Mother Father: Cupid; 2013 retired from the sport
  • Moorlands Totilas ( * 2000 ), KWPN stallion, father: Gribaldi, Mother Father: Glendale, ridden by owner changes from the end of 2010 by Matthias Alexander Rath

Best International Results (since 2007)

  • Grand Prix de Dressage: 2007: 71.084 % ( 2nd at CDI -W Amsterdam with Gribaldi )
  • 2008: 72.084 % ( 2nd at CDI 4 * Maastricht Sisther de Jeu )
  • 2009: 84.085 % (1st place at the European Championships in 2009 with Totilas )
  • 2010: 84.043 % (1st place at the World Equestrian Games 2010 with Totilas )
  • 2011: 71.574 % (6th place at the CDI - W ' s- Hertogenbosch with Sisther de Jeu )
  • 2012: 78.511 % ( 2nd at CDI -W Lyon with Undercover )
  • 2013: 79.660 % ( 2nd at CDIO 5 * Rotterdam with Undercover )
  • 2007: -
  • 2008: 68.040 % ( 6th place at CDI 3 * Aachen Sisther de Jeu )
  • 2009: 83.042 % (2nd place at the European Championships in 2009 with Totilas )
  • 2010: 85.708 % (1st place at the World Equestrian Games 2010 with Totilas )
  • 2011: 72.021 % ( 10th in the CDIO 5 * Aachen Sisther de Jeu )
  • 2012: 75.556 % (10th place at the Summer Olympics with Undercover )
  • 2013: 79.479 % (4th place at the European Championships with Undercover )
  • 2007: 77.750 % (3rd place at the CDI -W Amsterdam with Gribaldi )
  • 2008: 71.050 % (3rd place at the CDI 5 * Cannes Next One )
  • 2009: 92.300 % (1st place at the CDI -W London Olympia with Totilas )
  • 2010: 91.800 % (1st place at the World Equestrian Games 2010 with Totilas )
  • 2011: 79.250 % (1st place at the CDI 3 * Oslo with Sisther de Jeu )
  • 2012: 80.650 % ( 2nd at CDI -W Odense with Romanov )
  • 2013: 86.075 % ( 2nd at CDIO 5 * Rotterdam with Undercover )

( Up to October 2013)