Charlotte Dujardin

Charlotte Dujardin, OBE (born 13 July 1985 in Enfield ) is a British dressage rider and individual Olympic gold medalist.


In her youth rode Charlotte Dujardin and her older sister in pony competitions. When she won the Pony Pony Rider competitions at the Horse of the Year Show and the Royal International Horse Show. Your first experience in dressage she scored in the trainer Debbie Thomas. In this she was allowed at the age of thirteen ride a trained horse to Grand Prix level for the first time.

At the age of 16, she finished her school career and worked in a row as "working pupil " (roughly corresponding to an intern ) in the dressage rider Judith " Judy " Harvey, where she remained for several years. During this time she began Fernandez, an acquired from her mother then three year old horse to train. In addition, they got here the opportunity to ride Wow Voyager. With this she was nominated as a reserve rider for the European Championships for Young Riders 2006.

In February 2007, Dujardin denied a lesson with Carl Hester. This offered her to help out for ten days with him in the barn. Since then, she has worked in Hester's stables. Also in 2007, she won the national championship with Fernandez for seven -year-old dressage horses. In 2010 she won the British Championships with Valegro Prix St. Georges level.

In 2011, Charlotte Dujardin played their first season at Grand Prix level. In January 2011, she started for the first time in a national Grand Prix de Dressage, Addington Manor in Buckingham, and won it with Valegro - that is provided to it by Carl Hester available - with a score of over 74 percent. In March 2011, she won her first international Grand Prix dressage, in Fréjus, with Valegro. In July 2011, she launched the first time at CDIO 5 * in the context of the CHIO Aachen. Here they reached with the British team to second place in the team standings. In Hickstead she won the Grand Prix Spécial of the local CDI 5 * Tournament.

Due to their success, she was nominated for the British team at the European Championships in dressage in Rotterdam. Here she won team gold with Valegro, was the Grand Prix Spécial Sixth and Ninth in the freestyle.

At the end of the year, she participated in the Olympia London International Horse Show with Valegro. Here she won the Grand Prix de Dressage with a personal best: victory with 81.043 percent. In the local Weltcupkür she was with 83.700 % Second.

At the tournament Horses & Dreams Hagen a.T.W. put it in April 2012 with Valegro a new world record. With 88.022 % she broke the record of Edward Gal and Totilas from best result in Grand Prix Spécial. Dujardin record was created, however, in contrast to Gals record in extra for the Olympic Games 2012, shortened Grand Prix Spécial erritten. This was abolished by the end of 2012.

Your career peak they reached in front of his home crowd: Having already won at the 2012 Summer Olympic Games in London as the best team rider with the British dressage team gold, she was also single Olympic champion. With Valegro she won by a margin of nearly two percent.

Your first joint tournament appearance since the Olympics had Dujardin and Valegro at the Olympia London International Horse Show. Here they reached the Grand Prix a result of 84.447 percent - new world record. A year later she presented with Valegro at the same place a new world record in the Grand Prix Freestyle at ( 93.975 percent ), making it the world record holder in the three heaviest dressage tests. At the European Championships in 2013 Dujardin won with Valegro both individual gold medals with the team she won bronze.

In addition to her tournament career, she also takes on the training of dressage eventing riders like Sam Griffiths or the six- time Olympian Mark Todd.

In January 2013, it was World Ranking Leading with Valegro. This rank they held in October, 2012.


  • Valegro (* 2002), brown KWPN gelding, Sire: Negro, mother father: Gershwin, Owner: Carl Hester and Roly Luard
  • Uthopia (* 2001), brown KWPN stallion Sire: metal, mother father, Inspector, temporarily ridden by Charlotte Dujardin 2013
  • Fernandez ( * 2000, Original Name: Forkus ), chestnut gelding, Sire: Florestan, mother father: Wine Castle, ridden since the autumn of 2011 by Cathrine Rasmussen


  • Olympic Summer Games: 2012, London: with Valegro 1st place with the team and 1st place in the individual standings
  • 2011 Rotterdam: with Valegro 1st place with the team, 6th place ( Grand Prix Spécial ), 9th place ( Grand Prix Freestyle )