Olympia London International Horse Show

The Olympia London International Horse Show ( officially: Olympia - The London International Horse Show ) is a horse show in London, England, which is one of the biggest tournaments in the United Kingdom. It is advertised as CSI 5 * -W and CDI -W and will be held on the last weekend before Christmas. The venue is the Grand Hall, Olympia.

  • 2.2.1 World Cup Four Hand Drive
  • 2.3.1 Christmas Puissance
  • 2.3.2 World Cup competition
  • 2.3.3 Grand Prix
  • 2.3.4 Leading Rider of the Show


2007 celebrated the tournament its 100th anniversary, making it one of the oldest discharged tournaments in equestrian sports. First, the tournament was called the Royal International Horse Show, this changed later, however, the venue and will now be held in Hickstead. The tournament in the Olympic Hall remained exist under another name.

Already in 1909 the tournament made ​​history. As part of the tournament the first Nations Cup was played in the history of that time still young discipline of show jumping.

Another time the tournament was in December 2009 in the story: As part of the Grand Prix Freestyle Edward Gal and Totilas erritten a score of 92.300 %, which set a new world record in the Grand Prix Freestyle on.


The Olympia Horse Show is valid in its own way as a special tournament: Invoking applies to the tradition of the tournament for everyone involved in the tournament scene ( except the rider) suit required. Also, the structure of the tournament is unusual in comparison with other major equestrian events: from Thursday to Monday the program consists of two sections per day. Center of each section is an over the whole tournament repeating Show program to that group each jumper. Also found in sections exams like DogAgility and Shetland pony race. Despite this structure, the tournament always enjoys a high public revenue. In 2013, a new record was set, 95 276 visitors came to the tournament.

The rides are jumping the comments to the public from the English show jumper Geoff Billington legend, often ludicrous. Many bear jumping, adapted to the Christmas atmosphere, special names, such as " The Santa Stakes " or "The Christmas Pudding Stakes ".

As part of the tournament World Cup competitions as well as an examination of the Dressage World Cup will be played.


The first two days of the tournament ( Monday and Tuesday) consist only of an evening program. On Monday, the Grand Prix de Dressage will be held exclusively.

The Grand Prix is ​​the qualifier for the Grand Prix Freestyle, is the special stage of the Dressage World Cup. This will take place on Tuesday evening. The free program was endowed in 2010 with € 33,000. That evening, the show program is also the first time shown.

Winner: Grand Prix Freestyle

( Starting from 2006)

  • 2006: Imke Schellekens - Bartels Netherlands with Sunrise ( 79.550 %)
  • 2007: Netherlands Anky van Grunsven and Salinero ( 83.050 %)
  • 2008: Adelinde Cornelissen with Parzival Netherlands ( 80.750 %)
  • 2009: Netherlands, Edward Gal with Totilas ( 92.300 %)
  • 2010: Adelinde Cornelissen with Parzival Netherlands ( 83.650 %)

Carriage driving

World Cup Four Hand Drive

Since the year 2012, the Olympia London International Horse Show special stage of the World Cup Four Hand of the driver. A year earlier tests were carried out in carriage driving for the first time. The warm-up test was conducted in 2013 on Thursday afternoon, in the evening of the following day the World Cup special stage took place.


  • 2011: Netherlands IJsbrand Chardon with his team
  • 2012: Boyd Exell Australia with his team
  • 2013: Netherlands IJsbrand Chardon with Feles, Illem, Inci, Maestoso X -28 Fegyenc 2 and Maestoso X-30 Magus

Show jumping

Christmas Puissance

The first highlight of the audience jumping is "The Christmas Puissance ", a puissance. This test is performed in the evening program of Friday. She was endowed with € 17,500 in 2010 and resulted in the fourth jump over 2.21 meters.

Winner: ( Starting from 2006)

  • 2007: United Kingdom William Whitaker (18 years old, thus far the youngest winner ) with Leonardo
  • 2009: shared victory by four riders: France Penelope Leprevost, Italy Natale Chiaudani, United Kingdom Michael Whitaker and Ireland Cian O'Connor
  • 2013: Italy Luca Maria Moneta with Quova de Vains

World Cup competition

Every Sunday afternoon, a special stage of the Western European League of the FEI World Cup Jumping is performed at the Olympia Horse Show. This is a class with jump over 1.60 meters. The audit was endowed in 2012 with € 110,000.

Winner: ( Starting from 2006)

  • 2006: Germany Markus Beerbaum with Leena
  • 2007: Ireland Jessica Kuerten with Libertina
  • 2008: Australia Edwina Alexander with Itot du Château
  • 2009: Netherlands Eric van der Vleuten with Tomboy

Grand Prix

The traditional firing of the tournament is the Grand Prize ("The Olympia Grand Prix" ) as a final test of the Monday evening. Here, too, there is a jump-off over 1.60 meters. The endowment included in the year 2012 80.000 €.

Winner: ( Starting from 2006)

  • 2006: France Eugenie Angot with Cigale du Taillis
  • 2007: Netherlands Albert Zoer with Okidoki
  • 2008: United States Laura Kraut with Miss Independent
  • 2009: Ireland Cian O'Connor with Rancorrado
  • 2010: France Penelope Leprevost with Myss Valette
  • 2011: Ireland Dermott Lennon with Lou -Lou
  • 2012: Germany Marcus Ehning with Sabrina

Leading Rider of the Show

These were in 2012, 13 pieces - - From the results of jumping the tournament the most successful rider of the competition will each ( "Leading Rider of the Show") determined.

( Starting from 2007)

  • 2009: Switzerland Pius Schwizer
  • 2010: Netherlands Marc Houtzager


The tournament is traditionally transmitted by euro sport in the evening program, mainly live.