2012 FEI World Cup Finals (show jumping and dressage)

The World Cup Final 2012 at the jumping and dressage was the final of the World Cup series in two equestrian disciplines. It took place from 19 April to 22 April 2012 in the Brabanthallen in 's- Hertogenbosch.

  • 3.1 qualified participants ( World Cup )
  • 3.2 Process and its Results 3.2.1 World Cup 1st test
  • 2nd test
  • 3rd test
  • Comprehensive Income
  • Grand Prix (CSI 3 *)

Equestrian Sports in 's- Hertogenbosch

In 's- Hertogenbosch takes place every year the horse show Indoor Brabant. The tournament includes a Weltcuppprüfung in show jumping and dressage Weltcuppprüfung. Several times was ' s- Hertogenbosch venue for World Cup Finals in the aforementioned disciplines: 1994 in jumping as well as 1986, 1988, 1990, 1993, 1997, 2000, 2002, 2008 and 2010 in dressage.

The tournament will be regularly held in late March. In 2012 it was moved to April due to the implementation of the World Cup Finals.


Qualified participants

Due to the very early Olympic Games in 2012, there was participation waivers, such as the Belgian Jeroen Devroe, in its place receives Jenny Schreven a wildcard. Schrevens horse riot is 20 years old by far the oldest horse in the field of participants.

Procedure and results

Grand Prix

On Friday morning ( 20 April), the Grand Prix will be held. This is the warm-up test, but this is mandatory for all participants in the World Cup Final Dressage.


(Best 5 of 18 participants )

Grand Prix Freestyle ( Finals )

The final test of the FEI World Cup Dressage was held on the afternoon of April 21 ( Saturday). It was a Grand Prix Freestyle. Adelinde Cornelissen was her role as favorite and won with their successful horse Parzival in the freestyle. With this win, they defended their title as reigning World Cup champion.


Show jumping

The program of the jumpers are the three stages of the World Cup Finals. In addition, find a CSI 3 * instead, the highlight of which is the Grand Prix on Saturday.

Qualified participants ( World Cup )

As in dressage, so there was also at the show jumpers due to the Olympic appointment several rejections, all UK qualified waived their participation. Nevertheless, eight of the top ten riders in the world rankings have declared their willingness to start.

° Additional tab: If a rider is domiciled in a country other than his native country, he can take part in the league this country and is first evaluated for this league. As far as he qualifies on the basis of the regulations of this league for the World Cup finals, he does not count for the (limited ) Takeoff Number of this league as an additional participant.

Procedure and results

World Cup

1st test

The first part examination of World Cup Final Jumping took place from 19:15 clock on April 19 ( Thursday). Participants came here in a time jumping. The result is, as explained in the article FEI World Cup Jumping, converted into penalty points.


( best 10 of 37 participants )

Last year's winner Christian Ahlmann had the time jumping three obstacle bombings and came with a consequent result centering time rating of 76.09 seconds at rank 26 Ahlmann waived in a row at the start of the other Final Exams: " The stallion is indeed fit, but apparently not in the form, he would need for other more serious jumping. "

2nd test

The second test of the World Cup finals was held on Friday evening. It was a jumping competition with one jump-off.

Following the first two sub- tests, the points of the participants reached were added together. Subsequently, this rating points were converted into points of failure.


( best 10 of 33 participants )

3rd test

The conclusion is the third test, a jumping competition with two different rounds. It is not being ridden against time, an allowable time, however, was provided.

At the first round of this discharged on Sunday afternoon exam may only the 25 top-ranked riders from the first two partial exams participate, start in the second round still 19 riders with their horses.


(Best 8 of 24 participants )

Overall result

The decision of the World Cup victory took place in the jump- after in the three tests, Steve Guerdat and Rich Fellers evaluation were tied after four rounds at number one. In the jump- Steve Guerdat pointed his gelding Nino of Buissonnets a very fast lap. Rich Fellers went as the second starter in the jump-off and, at the same time on Guerdat first. However, he could get ahead of the two of Guerdat and came up with 64 hundredths ahead into the target by a very good turn.

Rich Fellers is the first U.S. World Cup winner in 25 years (1987 won the USA's Katharine Burdsall ).

Jump-off for the World Cup victory:

Total earnings before the decisive jump:

ELI = excreted DNS = not started RET = abandoned / waived

Further testing

Grand Prix (CSI 3 *)

Outside of the World Cup standings CSI is performed 3 * tournament. The highlight thereof made ​​on Saturday night Grand Prix, sponsored by the Rabobank. The Grand Prize was announced as a jumping competition with one jump obstacles up to a height of 1.55 meters. The exam was worth 100,000 €.


(Best 5 of 29 participants )

In addition to the sports

The event was overshadowed by the unexpected death of the German national dressage coach Holger Schmezer. The German dressage riders decided despite the death to contest the World Cup final, but wore a black armband on the tails as a sign of mourning.

" " We have chosen for a start, because it would be quite been in his mind, but it was a difficult race. " "

Before the award ceremony for the Grand Prix Dressage a minute's silence was held.


In German-speaking WDR television showed a more than two-hour broadcast of the final partial exam of the Show Jumping World Cup Finals. Euro Sport is expected to transfer a recording of the final show jumping in the Wednesday night program on May 2, 2012 the final of the dressage riders will be shown on the evening of May 9, 2012.