Ludo Philippaerts

Ludo Philippaerts ( born June 21, 1963 in Genk) is a Belgian show jumping and four-time Olympian.

In June 2013, he is ranked No. 42 in the world rankings.


Philippaerts has already participated in four Olympic Games. In the individual competition he ranked in both the 2000 Olympics ( with Otterongo van de Kopshoeve ) as well as the 2004 Olympic Games ( Parco ) to rank fourth in Athens, he finished with the team at the same time the 6th Place. In the 1992 Olympics he was with Darco Seventh. Also at the 1996 Olympics took part Philippaerts ( King Darco ).

At the World Equestrian Games 1990, he finished sixth in both the individual and in the team standings with Darco. The 2006 World Equestrian Games in Aachen, he graduated with Parco in a single place with 9 and with the team until rank 7. 2006 won the Global Champions Tour. Also at the World Equestrian Games 1998, he took part ( with Nura ).

Philippaerts took part in all European Championships of 1989 in part to 2002. His best results at European Championships he won in 2001 when he was with Otterongo van de Kopshoeve Zwiter at the European Championships and 2003, when he narrowly missed a medal and was with Parco fourth in the individual competition.

2008 Philippaerts won with Winningmood the World Cup special stage in Mechelen.


Philippaerts comes from an equestrian loving family. His brother Johan Philippaerts and his two eldest sons, Olivier and Nicola are also active internationally as a show jumper.

Horses ( excerpt)

What is unusual about the career of Ludo Philippaerts that he almost all erritt his great successes with Darco or one of the descendants Darcos.

  • Kassini Jac (* 1998), Holsteiner chestnut stallion Sire: Cassini II, mother father: Lombard
  • Darco (* 1980, † 2006), licensed dark brown Belgian Warmblood stallion, father: Lugano van la Roche, mother father: Codex
  • King Darco (* 1987), dark brown Belgian Warmblood stallion Sire: Darco, Mother Father: wing van la Roche, ridden by Ludo Philippaerts of Samantha McIntosh, adopted in 2001 after an injury out of the sport
  • Verelst Otterongo van de Kopshoeve (* 1991, † 2011), Belgian Warmblood gelding, Sire: Darco, Mother Father: Hedjaz
  • Parco (* 1992) licensed Belgian warmblood stallion, Sire: Darco, Mother Father: Attack Z, adopted in 2008 Sports
  • Winning Mood ( * 1999), Belgian warmblood stallion, father: Darco, mother father, Cassini, ridden by Luciana Diniz since May 2009,


Championships and World Cup

  • Olympic games 2000, Sydney: 4th place in the individual ( Otterongo van de Kopshoeve )