Genk is a city located in the Belgian province of Limburg, situated on the Albert Canal.


Genk was an insignificant hamlet until in 1901 on the district 's significant coal deposits were discovered in the nearby village of As and shortly thereafter. Genk grew then to become one of the most important coal-mining areas and industrial centers of Belgium.

Since the 1960s continued, similar to other Western European coal regions, a structural change in a. In 1966, the first of three mines were closed in the 1980s, the two remaining.

Only in 2000 the municipality of Genk became a town. It currently has 65 264 inhabitants (as of January 1, 2012).


Genk consists of the districts Bokrijk, Boxberg Heide, Bret - gelling, Centrum, Driehoeven, Hoevezavel, Kolderbos, Langerlo, Nieuwe Kempen, Nieuw Texas, Sledderlo, Termien, Vlakveld, Waterschei, Winterslag and Zwartberg.


Opened in 1964 the Ford plant has approximately 4,500 employees, the largest employer in the city. The U.S. automotive group there produces its models Mondeo, Galaxy and S -MAX. Until 2004, the Transit was built in Genk. Ford announced in October 2012 to close the plant in 2014. About 5,000 more jobs depend on this work.

Another major employer is ArcelorMittal. In steel works Genk approximately 3,000 metric tons of slabs (up to 2000 x 160 mm formats ) produced from stainless steel daily. These slabs are rolled then in the hot rolling mill Carlam ( Charleroi) into coils and then to the further cold rolling mills, mainly in France ( Isbergues, Gueugnon ) and Belgium ( Genk) sent. From the stainless steel sheets coils arise, which are then further processed by the customer. Another stainless steel mill ( ArcelorMittal Châtelet) was built several years ago in Charleroi.


Through the work in the mining industry since around 1913 immigrated from ever-widening circles workers from the Netherlands, Poland, Italy, Ukraine, Russia, Turkey and Morocco also many religions in Genk were at home. The faithful have later built in Genk over time churches of different Christian faiths mosques.


At Genk heard the Domein Bokrijk to which a significant Belgium Open Air Museum, a large playground and also a botanical garden, the Arboretum Bokrijk belong. Furthermore, to mention the Euro Planetarium and the enclosed recreation area lying Kattevenia.

In 2012, Genk played host to Manifesta, the European Biennial of Contemporary Art. Together with the Venice Biennale and the Documenta in Kassel, Manifesta is one of the most important art events in Europe.


The local football club KRC Genk is one of the top clubs of the Belgian league was 1999, 2002 and 2011 national champion, 1998, 2000 and 2009 National Cup winner. In the Belgian city has one of the most modern kart tracks in Europe, where already held rounds of the Karting World Championship.


  • Adam Gierek (* 1938), politician
  • Freddy Birset ( b. 1948 ), singer
  • Giuseppe Canale ( born 1977 ), football player
  • Ludo Philippaerts ( born 1963 ), show jumping
  • Cédric van der Elst ( born 1980 ), football player
  • Karel Geraerts ( b. 1982 ), football player