As, Belgium


Ace is a Belgian municipality located in the Flemish region with 8004 inhabitants (as of January 1, 2012). It consists of the main town and the village of Niel -bij -As

Hasselt is situated 18 kilometers south-west, 18 km south-east of Maastricht, Aachen 44 kilometers south-east, 48 kilometers north of Eindhoven and Brussels, about 85 km west- southwest.

The next highway exits are located in Genk on the A2 / E 314

In Genk, Hasselt and Blizen offers the nearest regional stations and in Maastricht and Liège also keep on regional express trains.

Maastricht Aachen Airport and Liège Airport are the nearest regional airports and near the capital Brussels there is an international airport.

World War I

During World War I, the Germans ran a mortar school. In several biographies of former German officers should be noted that they have been reassigned to a training course in the mortar school Asch at Genk.

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