Heers ( Limburg: here) is a Belgian municipality located in the Flemish region with 7103 inhabitants (as of January 1, 2012). It consists of the eponymous capital and numerous smaller surrounding villages.

Sint- Truiden is located eleven kilometers north-west, Tongeren twelve kilometers north-east, 20 kilometers north of Hasselt, Liège and Brussels 23 km southeast about 65 miles to the west.

The next highway exits are located in the south near Waremme on the A3 / E 40 and to the east in Tongeren on the A13 / E 313

In Waremme, Sint -Truiden and Tongeren offers the nearest regional stations.

The airport of Liege and Maastricht Aachen Airport are the nearest regional airports and near the capital Brussels there is the Brussels National International Airport.

Community structure

Heks Batsheers · · · Gutschoven army Interchurch Aid · · · Horpmaal small Gelmen · Mechelen- Bovelingen Mettekoven · · · Opheers Rukkelingen - Loon · · Vechmaal Veulen · Sint -Pieters- Heurne


Vechmaal, Church: en Sint Martinuskerk